How to make more coin from the tournament challenge in PUBG mobile? –

Want to play tournament challenge in PUBG mobile and earn more coins? If you do, let’s continue.

Pubg mobile is the most popular e-sport favored by millions of players around the world. And the game is known for its services, features and missions.

Also, with each update, the game does not forget to introduce more features for the players.

In PUBG mobile game, you can create your team to challenge your enemies. You can explore different maps and locations. Moreover, you will get various rewards after you complete the entertaining missions and achievements.

In addition to all those features, there is something else in the PUBG mobile called Tournament Challenge.

In the PUBG Mobile Tournament Challenge, you have to win the battle to earn more coins.

So you can collect more battle points from these resources;

  1. View Ads

You can collect Battle Challenge Coins by watching ads.
Go to the tournament.
Tap the battle coin.
View ads.

You can watch 7 ads every day.

  1. UC

It’s a bit of an expensive way to get more Tournament Challenge Coins. You can buy 100 battle coins with 10 UC.

  1. Bonus Challenge

Bonus challenge event is another source to earn more battle coins in PUBG mobile.
You must complete a bonus challenge tournament for which you ‘bonus challenge voucher

  1. Tournament Challenge

It is the best source to get more PUBG battle coins. In it, you have to complete 3 types of missions that we will discuss in this blog.

Rule to play tournament challenge

To play the battle in the Pubg Tournament Challenge, you need a battle coin. And the more coins you speculate, the more reward you get in return.

So the rule is simple,
Invest your battle coin to take the challenge
If you win, you will receive enough Battle Coins as a reward.
Otherwise you will also lose your invested coin.

And the battle coin you win from the tournament challenge will be used for purchase weapon skinsparachute skin, UC.

So another question arises,
How to win the PUBG Mobile Tournament Challenge for more coins?

This blog will help you to win the battle in the tournament challenge to get extra coins.

Here’s how to earn more PUBG Mobile Battle Coin Tournament Challenge.

To get more Pubg battle coins, you need to win the mission in the tournament challenge.

You know, there are three types of missions in the tournament. But most players fail to win the battle.

Remember that losing a match will not earn you a reward. Instead, you will not get your invested coins back.

So, these tips will help you win tournament challenge missions easily;

  • ‘Win 3 classic squad matches in a row’. It means you have to win the matches three times in a row without losing. That’s why your team should be full of professional players
  • To “win the progression of the next game in classic squad mode,” you must wisely predict the location of the flight. And the plane doesn’t fly in the same direction in a different match (less chance). So, you should predict the more promising location before investing your coins. In my experience, planes in the Southeast, Southwest, and Northeast have a higher chance of flying.

Updated: March 22, 2022 — 8:47 pm

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