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There are eight privileges in Pubg mobile, they are; Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, crown, ace, conqueror’s layer. Thus, every player dreams of easily reaching the conqueror tier in PUBG mobile. Because the higher level player gets more fun in each mission and event. Furthermore, the player who pushes the rank to conqueror is considered a Professional player.

Competition among the players is increasing every season.
Surprisingly, the PUBG mobile new cycle season is more competitive than other seasons because the players have a high-end device, better network and experience. In this blog you will read the best tips to become a conqueror on PUBG mobile.

Choose the best mode to increase the conqueror rank

Solo mode

Do you like being in the solo army? If you want, you have to decide to play the solo mode. If you don’t have a friend player, you can play it alone. But it can be difficult to play in solo mode to get the conqueror level because the player has become smart and skilled nowadays.

You will struggle to figure out your enemy location if you go to the matches alone. Despite a chicken dinner, you don’t get more victory points compared to a duo or squad. But still, you can play solo if you are a very skilled and careful player.

Duo mode

Duo means two players. If you have a best friend or partner, it is best to get more points to become a conqueror. You two must make a plan to defeat your enemies. In duo mode, your partner should also be helpful and capable like you.

team mode

It means you have to make a team of players to eat chicken. I believe that squad gameplay helps to push the conqueror fast in Pubg Mobile. But your teammate must be friendly and skilled because you will face strong enemies on the battlefield. So first decide for yourself; solo? Duo? team?

Tips to reach the conqueror layer on PUBG mobile

1. Create a suitable routine.

If you are a busy person, you should have a regular routine to play the PUBG mobile, and you should not have any other work in your playing routine. Every new season brings new opportunities, so you need to invest at least two to three hours a day to play the game. But before going to the battlefield, you should spend at least 15 minutes in the training arena (TDM).

2. Make long trips immediately.

reach in conqueror layer on PUBG mobile

With each new season, each player gets stronger, so don’t land near an airplane location while falling from the parachute for the first time. Because near the plane line you will face your enemies before you are ready to fight. Therefore, you need to land far from your aircraft location. Or, close to the vehicle to immediately travel to a safe place. It will help you extend your survival time and give you plus points to reach in the conqueror tier in PUBG mobile.

3. Make a good connection with the team.

To become a conqueror, you and your team must be equally skilled and all of you must have a strong bond with each other. While in the match, you share the loot, give your teammate a new life. Try to find out the location of your enemy and share the information with your team. Furthermore, you have to play the match together until the end.

4. Vehicle is required

The vehicle acts as a shield to protect you from the bullets. So, use the vehicle, if you dream, go on conqueror rank in PUBG mobile in every season. The vehicle will help you to;

  • To make a cover line on the last circle.
  • The vehicle assists you in the open space.
  • It helps to travel to a safe zone.

5. Select the best place to camp

reach in conqueror layer on PUBG mobile

Camping is necessary to play it safe; so you can push your rank to the conqueror. You have to choose apartments, squad houses and densely populated locations because in those places you will get full coverage of your enemy’s action. So, by chance, if your enemy discovers your best camping spot, you can shoot to hide from him.

6. Try a long range fight

To increase your rank, you must avoid the attack with your enemy as much as possible. But if you want to fight, don’t choose close range. Instead, kill your enemies from long range using AR chips or AR guns with scopes. OR, if you’re skilled or pro, then you can take a risk.
The benefits of long-range combat are to kill enemies without risking losing a point.

7. Make strategies and plan.

If you have these best strategies, you can reach the conqueror tier in PUBG mobile in a few days.

  • Use high damage weapons like; M762, AKM, Groza, for short distance. And for long range, snipers his best.
  • Immediately go to the safe place.
  • Go camping with a strong team where there are closed houses.
  • Take throwable weapons to trick your enemies.
  • Your team has to work separately as your partner has to flank and you have to kill the enemies.

8. Be an obedient player

reach on PUBG mobile conqueror tier

Most players are jealous of their teammates when they kill more enemies and steal kills. But getting a Conqueror title is not a good idea. You just need to focus on your chicken dinner. Don’t give up on helping your partner if he/she is smarter than you. do not forget- Teamwork is the best thing to work.

9. Use throwable weapons

There are three types of throwable weapons, smoke grenade, frag grenade, stun grenade, molotov cocktail. And all those grenades have a unique quality.

For instance,
a smoke grenade is used when hitting a teammate in an open area. It is also used to escape the enemy circle.
Likewise, a flag grenade is used to throw at enemies to kill them from a long distance. In addition, the tranquilizer grenade can blind you for a few seconds. And it is mainly used in solo competitions.
Finally, the best use of a Molotov cocktail is to kill campers at a distance.

You must have a good skill to use the throwable weapon to reach the PUBG mobile conqueror tier.

10. Ignore hot drop and don’t do a blind rush

  • If you want to go on the conqueror level, you should not land in hot drop places like Pochinki, Georgepool, the military base area. In this place there is a high probability of being killed.
  • Blind rush is fighting the enemy without a plan. Therefore, an emergency situation suddenly arises, do not panic.

According to my experience I have given you all the tips to reach easily the conqueror layer in PUBGM.

Updated: March 23, 2022 — 11:40 am

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