How to Unban Any PUBG Mobile Account

how to unblock PUBG mobile account

As many of us like to play the PUBG game. But when it comes time to ban our PUBG account, how to unblock PUBG mobile account

Today’s entire article has to do with that. I mean, in today’s article I will show you how we can unblock our PUBG account using a legal method.

I have mentioned many PUBG hacks on my website. Many people have used it, but it has not made any difference to their account.

Because to this day I have only listed on my website the hacks that are the best for your ID. This means that your account will not be compromised in any way after using it.

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Now let’s talk about how to unblock PUBG account† Your PUBG account will only be banned if you violate the PUBG policy. For example, if you are using a White body file for PUBG.

Most people’s PUBG accounts have been banned for using ESP mod applications. So if you are one of those whose PUBG account has been banned, and you want to bring this account back, I will help you.

If you have used minor hacks on your account, your account will be canceled. But if you have used many dangerous hacks on your account, your account cannot be canceled.

  • Open PUBG game.
  • Take a screenshot of the ban notice.
  • Click Submit Claim.
  • Click on “why is my account banned”
  • Click ban record.
  • Take a screenshot of the ban record.
  • Type “I want my PUBG account back”
  • Click the send button.
  • Click on the Contact us button.
  • Type Prohibition date.
  • Type Description (scroll down to check).
  • Upload both your screenshots.
  • Click on “Submit my application”.

More explanation:

You may not understand the steps above. That’s why I’m trying to explain a bit more here. First you need to login to your banned PUBG account.

Once you click the Login button, a message will open for you stating that your account has been banned. You must take a screenshot of this notification.

Then you need to click on the claim file button. After that you will come across many options but you have to select the option ‘why has my account been banned’. If you are interested in hacks, read more about Hack Any Free Fire account.

Now click on the Ban recording button. You will receive the details of the ban from your account. You should also take a screenshot of this detail.

Once you enter the details of your PUBG account ban and send it to PUBG, you will see a button to contact us.

The first option is to enter your date when your PUBG account was banned. Then in the second option you have to write a description explaining why your PUBG account has been banned.


I won’t play PUBG anymore because I have UC and a lot of achievements in my account, and you banned my account for no reason.

After writing the description, you have the option below to attach a screenshot. In it, you need to upload both screenshots and click on the ‘submit my case’ button.

Now you know it how to unblock PUBG accountBut we have something else to do. We also need to include an email in the official PUBG email.

You must write an email to this email ([email protected]) in which you need to send them some details related to your account.

I also give you below the details to write in the email. You can copy and paste from here.

Type email

Recently I try to login to my PUBG account but it shows that your PUBG account has been banned due to valeting policy, even if I didn’t break any PUBG rule, please fix it as soon as possible.

Character ID:



Your PUBG Account

I hope you found my article very helpful. If you still have a problem, or if you want to ask a question, you can text me on my Instagram.

Updated: March 13, 2022 — 8:40 am

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