How to Unban your PUBG Mobile Banned account in 7 days?

The famous battle royale game PUBG Mobile is the most played worldwide and millions of accounts are banned by PUBG Mobile every day because of cheats and hacks in the game. Millions of users play fair gameplay, but millions of gamers use cheats to win the game. PUBG mobile uses different ways to ban the cheaters in the game and publishes the anti-cheating report every week along with the reason for banned accounts.

This article is especially for the gamers if their account has been banned for 10 years and they have not used any hacks or cheats in the game.

They can use the steps below to lift the ban on their PUBG Mobile account.

  • Enter the game, click on the file claim and it will lead to a help page.
  • Click on the ban records option and take a screenshot of the ban date with the time of your PUBG account.

  • Click on the Jailbreak option and take the screenshot of the page.
  • We need to go to the contact page. So you will have to click on the jailbreak option repeatedly, which will help you to display the contact button.

  • Click on the contact page and enter the required details such as the time and date of the ban. Players must upload the screenshot taken before the ban date and time.
  • In the problem description you have to fill in the description that you have done no cheats and that you are the oldest player in this game.

  • Click on the “Submit your application” button.

After the PUBG account application is cleared, PUBG will review your request and contact you. If you have not used any hacks in the game, your account can be reactivated.

Updated: April 8, 2022 — 9:18 am

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