How to unlock the well-liked title in Pubg mobile within 2 days? –

Tips to quickly unlock a popular title in Pubg mobile.

On Pubg mobile there are different types of titles such as;
Partner title
master of arms
on a mission
Overachieve and much more.

And each title gives a separate identity to the PUBG players. So among all titles, the beloved is one of them in PUBGM.

The pubg player can unlock the popular title with the title achievement. And the player wants to get this title to get the attention of the other players. It increases the reputation of the player ID.

Only a few players have a beloved title because it is an instant process. To get the title, one has to get 1000 likes from the other players.

And one player can only give one like at the end of each match.

Unlock Pubg’s popular title in 2 days

Unlock Pubg’s popular title in 2 days

The popular title is the traditional title of PUBGM. And I already said it takes 1000 likes to get it.
But don’t worry, if you follow the tips, you can get it faster than you expected.

Let’s go;

Do you have the best team with you? If you don’t have one, you need to form a stable team.
It doesn’t matter if your squad is a noob or a pro, only they should be friendly and helpful.

Because you can interact with them during the match and exchange the likes at the end. And after the end of the match, your best team will not ignore you to be right.


To quickly get a popular title, you have to play besides Classic and Evoground.
Because you know that those matches have a match duration of more than 25 minutes.

And playing on the classic and Evoground will get you the title too late.

That’s why I recommend you play TDM and Arcade matches to quickly unlock popular titles in Pubgm.

Because the TDM and Arcader matches end in less time. As a result, you can quickly accumulate more likes to get a well-liked title within 2 days.

Updated: March 19, 2022 — 8:28 pm

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