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Pubg Mobile’s popular game and devices are important to this game. The best hardware configuration and optimization make the iPhone the best device for Pubg Mobile. Every Pubg Player dreams of playing Pubg Mobile on iPhone. Iphone is the best performing device for PUBG MOBILE. Almost every athlete and professional gamer of eSports use the iPhone in competitive matches.

Minimum system requirement to install or update BGMI on iPhone devices

The minimum specifications currently recommended for Battlegrounds Mobile India on iOS are as follows:

  1. iPhone 6S or higher
  2. OS (IOS 9.0 or High)
  3. RAM – Min 2GB RAM

How to Install or Update Pubg Mobile on iPhone

As we know, Android devices can get updates and apps can be installed in two ways

  1. Using APK file
  2. By visiting PlayStore

But iPhone does not provide apk file type facility and you can only install it with App Store. People using the iPhone can download the Pubg Mobile global update, which is only available to download from the App Store.

Steps to download Pubg Mobile on your iPhone

  1. Open your App Store
  2. Search for Pubg Mobile
  3. You will find the result where you can get either Install if you have not installed it yet or Update if you have already downloaded it
  4. Click to install or update
  5. Your Pubg Mobile will be installed or updated.

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Updated: March 20, 2022 — 11:12 am

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