How to update pubg mobile version 1.4.0

In this article I explain step by step how to download pubg mobile version 1.4.0 and I also explain all the features.

PUBG Mobile recently rolled out its version 1.4.0 update, bringing some new futures for its players including the new themed maps. The latest update of PUBG Mobile is characterized as “Titan Strikes”, and adds a new Titan strikes Mode and customizing the main game lobby for a single mode background. Players will be able to check out the Titan Strikes mode just after the update and clicking Start will move the screen to enjoy the new mode.

Pubg mobile 1.4 Announcement


  1. Titan Strikes: Join the Battle of the Titans
  2. Microcosm: experience the charm of being small
  3. New TDM: Feel the excitement of an attack
  4. OTS Mode: Learn the Art of Target Shooting
  5. Royale Pass S19: Traverse – Great Adventures of the Little Boys

In order to bring a better gaming experience to everyone, PUBG MOBILE will release updates from May 11. The server will not be taken offline for this update. This update requires 660 MB of storage space on Android devices. The iOS version requires 1.67 GB. Please note that players with different versions will not be able to cooperate with each other, so please update as soon as possible.

Update Reward:

Update to the new version between May 11 and May 16 (UTC 0) to:

  • 2888 BP
  • 100 AG
  • Banana Bonanza (3 d) *1

New modes, new experiences

Titan Strikes: How to Play (Titans arrive at Erangel on May 11, Sanhok on May 15 and Livik on May 20, event ends on June 8) Mysterious titans have struck and monsters from beneath the earth’s surface are rising and forming settlements! Experience the shock and thrill of seeing the Titans up close on the map! There are a total of three mysterious Titans that can be found on Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik respectively. Once the gameplay is available, an entrance will appear on the map. Simply select the entrance to start the game.

Microcosm (June 9 – July 5) Transform into a mini Insectoid, stay out of sight, traverse wormholes and experience the magical microscopic world! Make sure to avoid Panning!

New Arena Map: The Hangar (starts June 1) A hangar on a huge ship floating on a vast ocean. With plenty of cover, players can head outside to start the fun. A tense and fast-paced battlefield, with a range of tactical choices: get up close and personal, or sit back. But whatever you do, you won’t survive without quick responses and seamless collaboration with your teammates.

New vehicles and combat improvements

New vehicle: Coupé RB The new two-seat sports car, the Coupe RB, offers space for you and a friend, but only one, to enjoy a fast-paced race. One of the fastest vehicles available in Battle Royale mode. It can reach more than 150 km/h. Keep an eye out for the Coupe RB in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Livik

New shooting mode: OTS (over the shoulder) A new combat option: OTS. Press the OTS button to enter OTS. When using OTS, higher accuracy is associated with relocation costs. The OTS button is fully customizable and the sensitivity can be set individually. OTS can be turned on or off in System Settings -> General Settings.

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Royale Pass S19: Traverse (start May 17)

Fantastic adventures of the little boys!

  1. Journey to the Microcosm for your new season: Insect Queen-Mini14 and Wonderland-AKM are up for grabs, and players can choose between the Insect Queen Set or General Beetle Set, worth over 30,000 UC.
  2. Pick a faction and open an RP 3rd Anniversary Custom Crate: 6 special weapons from previous seasons are back, so BANPICK your crate!
  3. RP File is here, so show other players your progress and rewards from past seasons!
  4. Many more RP badges. Keep buying RP to unlock them, with even more exclusive benefits!
  5. In the exploration event, players can choose one of two Lv. 100 series. There’s also Wonderland Motorcycle and the Beetle General Thompson SMG up for grabs. Players can purchase event gift packs for quick level gains and then collect mission activity points to get all their UC back.
  6. New mission content and new season content have been added, bugs have been fixed and upgrades have been made.

How to update pubg mobile version 1.4.0

Step 1: Download the APK files from the links as mentioned in this post below.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Allow installation from unknown sources. If you already have it enabled, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Install the APK file.

Step 4: you can enjoy playing PUBG Mobile.

Updated: March 17, 2022 — 7:38 pm

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