How to upgrade survivor pass in pubg: new state? –

Players can upgrade their survival pass to get many benefits in pubg new state. The Survivor Pass has three package offers, and they are:

Premium pass and premium pass plus in pubg: new condition
  1. Free pass

The free pass is a standard offer that contains few specific rewards for the player. Players can only unlock prizes such as avatar, clothes, chicken medal and an emote from Pubg’s new free survival pass.

  1. Premium pass

The Premium Pass is paid content that includes all Survival Pass prices. But players need 1500 NC to upgrade to get the premium rewards.

  1. Premium pass plus

The premium pass plus package gives all the benefits of the premium pass, it also includes some extra free offers. And it costs 3800 NC to buy it.

The other premium plus offers are:
(i) Hunter’s Gold Mask
(ii) Immediately level up to level 15.
(iii) 7 Chicken Medals
(iv) Present lock unlock tickets for 30 days

Note: – To claim all the rewards for the Survival Pass, you must increase your rank within a current season.

Upgrade Survivor Pass in Pubg: New State

As I mentioned before, you need NC to buy a Survival Pass in the new state of Pubg. So, if you are interested in upgrading, read the instructions on how to do it.

(I) Go to the fitting area.
(II) Tap the ‘upgrade to premium pass’ option.
(III) After clicking the option, you will get two offers: premium and P plus. Buy one depending on your budget.

In addition, if you are a free pass player, you will not get any NC for free.

However, you get about 750 NC for free with the purchase of the PLUS or premium pass in Pubg: New Condition. But only you need to increase your rank as soon as possible.

about rank

Ranking up isn’t difficult – you just need to stay active in the game and complete the daily and weekly missions.

To get the missions:

(i) Go to the pass
(ii) Go to the mission option
(iii) Now complete the mission to earn more Survival Points.

So in this section you will get daily missions like:
(i) Sing 1 time in a game
(ii) Stay alive for 30 minutes.
(iii) Play 1 match in Troi.

Also, here are some examples of weekly missions:
(i) Kill 20 players with a submachine gun.
(ii) Use 30 energy drink
(iii) Get 10 help
(iv) have 2000 or more coins in a single match.
(v) Playing Team Deathmatch.

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 5:21 am

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