How to win clan battle in Pubg mobile\BGMI? Earn contributed points. –

The clan battle is another chance to win many rewards in Pubg mobile\Battleground mobile India.

The clan leader can only start the battle and the opponent will be random for the worldwide clan for competition. And the winner is determined by the points contributed.

So to earn more contributed points for the clan battle, it is necessary to stay active in the game and complete daily tasks such as:

(L) Complete a classic match.
(II) Team up with a member of your choice in the competition.
(III) Rank no.1 as a team in the match.

To dominate the clan battle in the PUBGM\BGMI, an active member is necessary. A single player cannot defeat the enemies to get more points in the battle.

Victory is possible if all members of the clan contribute. Active leaders, co-leader, members are required.

One member can earn 25 contributed points each day. So if all clan members play the clan battle with coordination, it is easy to win the challenge.

Clan battle rewards in Pubg mobile\BGMI

These are the rewards that the player gets from the clan battle by only getting points.

Clan battle rewards in Pubg mobile\BGMI

10 CP = 20 AG
40 CP = 3 scrap supplier coupon
110 CP = Classic crate voucher 210 CP = 1 supplier voucher

340 CP = Rainbow glider trail
550 CP = Paint
800 CP = Premium Crate Coupon

It doesn’t matter if you win the battle or not – you get those rewards for free by getting more than 800 contributed points.

And if you win the clan battle, you get more rewards like the heart of the sea parachute, the classic crate coupon, 100 AG. B

But if you lose the clan battle with 500 contributed points, you still get rewards like temporary parachute skin, 5 classic crate coupons, 50 AG.

Tips to win clan battles in Pubg mobile\BGMI

win clan battle in Pubg mobile\BGMI

1. Join the clan

First, you need a clan to play the clan battle in Pubg mobile\BGMI. So you have to create a clan of active and professional players. Or you can join the best clan.

2. Don’t miss a daily task.

You are given daily tasks to earn more contributed points in the clan battle. So stay active in the game and complete all the tasks without missing any.

3. Tell your members

If you are the clan leader, let all members know to focus on clan battle missions. You can message them from the clan chat to give them directions.

4. Do not add unnecessary players to the clan.

It is useless to add inactive and offline players to the clan. But try to join the best members to make the clan stronger than others. If you are not the clan chief, then it is also your responsibility to make your house unbeatable.

Updated: March 15, 2022 — 4:15 am

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