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BGMI is becoming more popular with many emerging players by the day. Many gamers have changed their lifestyle from BGMI or other games. In this article I give Hydra Alpha’s BGMI ID, Bio/Wiki, Name, Age, Stats, Sensitivity and More

Hydra Alpha is a pro BGMI player, streamerInfluencer, Vlogger, Content Creator and an official member of Team Hydra Clan.

Hydra alpha Short biography

Hydra Alpha BGMI Wiki
Real name Pratik Jogiya
Nickname Alpha Clasher
Date of birth N/A
Age 20 years
Bgmi ID 569808986
BGMI name H¥DRA丨Alpha
Pubg partner H¥DRA丨BTS
clan HydraOfficial
hometown Delhi
Country India
Nationality Indonesian
Social media data
YouTube Alpha Clashers
Instagram @alpha_clasher
Twitter #alpha__clasher
Locomotive #HydraxAlphaOp
disagreement alphaclasher

Hydra Alpha . BGMI ID Number

Hydra Alpha’s BGMI ID is: 569808986 and his BGMI name is

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Hydra Danger Pubg ID, Biography

Hydra Alpha Biography

Hydra Alpha’s real name is Pratik Jogiya† He is a 20 year old gamer, Vlogger streamer and content creator. Hydra Alpha stream gameplay from
Pubg mobile on his YouTube channel called
Alpha Clasher (Verified)† Hydra Alpha has another channel called AlphaVlogss

Pratik also known as Hydra Alpha, his hometown is from Delhi, India

Discord Server from Hydra Alpha – AlphaClashers

Hydra Alpha’s Vlogging YouTube Channel – AlphaVlogs

Hydra Alpha YouTube Channel

Hydra Alpha started its YouTube journey on August 19, 2015. Hydra Alpha has more than… 16.3M+ subscribers to His Alpha Clashers youtube channel with a total of 344M+ general views of his videos.

Hydra Alpha, he has another channel where he uploads vlog related videos. You can get the link above.

Hydra Alpha Social Media

Hydra Alpha manages his Instagram and Twitter accounts and continuously uploads short videos on his Instagram.

You follow Hydra Alpha’s Instagram account – Here
and Twitter account – Here

Hydra Alpha has over 286K+ followers on his Instagram account.

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Who is Hydra Alpha?

Hydra Alpha is a gamer, vlogger, streamer, influencer, content creator and official member of Hydra Clan with over 346K+ subscribers on YouTube

What is Hydra Alpha’s real name?

The real name of Hydra Alpha is Pratik Jogiya.

What is Hydra Alpha’s BGMI ID?

Hydra Alpha’s BGMI ID is: 569808986 and his BGMI name is H¥DRA丨Alpha

Hydra Alpha’s most popular YouTube video.

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