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First of all, Hydra Ayush is a professional and full time Pubg player. Above all, he wants to entertain her fans through her gameplay. In this article, I am going to share, Hydra Ayush Pubg ID, Biography, Age, Teammate, Operation, Device and many more things. Let’s start.

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Hydra Ayush short biography

Hydra Ayush Pubg Details
Real name Ayush Shukla
Nickname Ayush
Date of birth N/A
Age 21 years
Pubg ID 517594360
Pubg name Ayush⥭FTW
clan FTW &【Bi】
crew N/A
Device iPhone (usually PC)
HomeCity/City Lucknow, UP
Country India
Nationality Indonesian
Social media data
Instagram @ayush_is_live
YouTube Ayush is Live
disagreement Hydra Ayus
E-mail [email protected]

Hydra Ayush Wiki

The real name of Hydra Ayush is Ayush ShuklaHe comes from Lucknow, UPWARDS. He is a member of FTW clan and 【Bi】clan. He is a full time gamer.

Hydra Ayush is also a professional Pubg player and also
content creator† He streams about 2-3 hours of mobile pubg gameplay on YouTube daily.

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Hydra Ayush Pubg ID

Hydra Ayush’s Pubg ID number is: 517594360 and Pubg name is Ayush⥭FTW† He’s in the FTW clan.

Hydra Ayush YouTube Channel

Hydra Ayush youtube channel name is Ayush is Live† Ayush has over 200k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Ayush started his YouTube channel on January 24, 2017. Hydra Ayush has uploaded about 645 videos on his YouTube channel and has a total view of 22.2 M+. You can see more details on Social Blade.

Hydra Ayush Earn Monthly

His channel has more than 193k+ active subscribers. He has an average of 40 thousand views on each live stream video.

Hydra AyusHe earns about 30 thousand to 35 thousand rupees monthly from his YouTube channel according to social blade stats.

This data can fluctuate, so it’s not accurate, it’s estimated data. But we have tried to provide accurate information. We told you this revenue generated from ad and super chat monetization while streaming.

Hydra Ayush Sensitivity Settings

Hydra Ayush plays on emulators but below is the mobile setting he uses while playing on a mobile device which is the iPhone.

Camera Sensitivity

ADS sensitivity

Gyroscope Sensitivity

Popular questions about Hydra Ayush

Who is Hydra Ayush?
Hydra aush is a popular pubg player and full time streamer and gamer.

What is Hydra Ayush’s real name?
The real name of Hydra Ayush is Ayush Shukla.

Who is Hydra Ayush’s partner in Pubg Mobile?
BL | Python is Hydra Ayush’s recent partner.

Hydra Ayush’s Most Popular Video

Here are some popular flows of Hydra Ayush. Second Video is the tour of its gaming setup, controls, and more. Look here.

last words

Finnaly Guys, In this article I have all the information about Hydra Ayush. shared
Pubg ID, Biography, Wiki, Age, Operation, Device, Sensitivity, Teammates and more.

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Updated: March 16, 2022 — 2:18 am

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