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Hydra Dynamo, one of the most popular BGMI or PUBG gamer in India, he is one of the best sniper in BGMI.

In this article, we are going to look at the Hydra Dynamos Pubg/BGMI Id, Biography, Name, Girlfriend, Net worth and more.

Hydra Dynamo PUBG ID Number is 591948701† He is a popular streamer of Pubg Mobile. The real name of Hydra dynamo is Aadii Sawant which belongs to a Marathi family. Let’s see the full detail of Hydra Dynamo

Pubg ID Number of Alternator is 591948701 and Pubg Character ID is H¥DRA丨DYNAMO

Biography of Hydra Dynamo

The real name of Hydra dynamo is Aadii Sawant which belongs to a Marathi family. He is 23 years old and has over 8 million subscribers to his YouTube gaming channel. He is struggling so hard from a 0 to 8 million subscriber journey and his channel will grow faster in the coming days.

In his early phase of the game channel, he played Battle Filed, dota2, GTA 5, but he was unable to attract people. He watches 3-5 a day. But he doesn’t give up and just struggles. When pubg is released, it will start streaming the gameplay of PUBG mobile on PC using an emulator.

PUBG is an online battle royal game where 100 people fight against each other and the last man standing is the winner. But there is not a total of 100 people in the lobby, only a few of them are a bot.

Hydra Dynamo girlfriend

Hydra Dynamo’s girlfriend is Hydra Kanika. She is also a gamer, youtuber and streamer. The real name of Hydra Kanika is Kanika Bisht.

The original ID number of Hydra Dynamo

Using pubg ID number you can instantly see real running stats of DYNAMO, send friend request. When you search the name Hydra dynamo on pubg, many fake accounts appear, but no original was found. so to solve this problem, ID number is the best solution. Hydra Dynamo ID = ” 591948701 “

Some popular Hydra dynamo dialogues:

  • Paatse Headshot
  • ✓Kar98k meri rani
  • ✓ Beta Baap se panga nahi lete

Dynamo’s interview by Tech 2: What did he say about the fan moment?

“Wo bohot acha moment tha, me kitne bhi words bolu tab bhi wo describe Nahi kar paunga. I think me 3 ya 4 din me wo zarroor clip dekhta hun because mujhe bohot acha feel hota hai. Actually wo clip ke bad 3 ya 4 log game me mujhse milne aa jaate hai, ye mujhe bohot rare lagta hai because i unka face nahi dekh pata, me unko dekh nahi pata bas me unki aawaaz sun sakta hun. So ye virtual cheeze reality me convert ho rahi hain, wo rare mujhe thoda bi lagta ha or acha bi lagta hai

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