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Hydra Kani aka Kanika Bisht is a female PUBG (BGMI) player and YouTube Content Creator. Hydra Kanika plays in Hydra Clan which is held by Hydra Dynamo. Between Kanika and Hydra Dynamo have a love affair and as overheard they are engaged. So here this article will let you know about Kanika Pubg ID, real name, age, friend and much more so keep reading.

HYDRA KANIKA BIOGRAPHY: Pubg ID, real name, age, stats, etc

Biography of Hydra Kanika

Hydra Kanika Pubg

The real name of Hydra Kani is Kanika Bisht. Pubg ID of Hydra Kani is 5119395335† She is the girlfriend or betrothed of Hydra Dynamo (Aadi Sawant). She plays COD (call of duty) and her CoD ID is KaniXoXo

She plays pubg mobile with Four Finger Claw and Gyro on. Kanika is Dynamo’s girlfriend and it’s real and they both get married later (according to knowledge). These rumors have not yet been confirmed by anyone.

Hydra Kani: Short Biography

Short biography of Hydra Kanika
Real name Kanika Bisht
Nickname Hydra Kanic
BGMI ID 5119395335
Pubg Character ID Hydra | Can I
Pubg KR ID 61329256629
Pubg KR ID Name Kani 69
Age 23 years
Friend Hydra | Dinamo (Aditya Sawant)
COD ID KanikaXoXo
Social media
Instagram @kanikaluva
YouTube KaniXoXo

Hydra Kani Pubg Kr ID

Hydra Kani Pubg Kr ID is 61329256629 and His Pubg name is Kani 69

Hydra Kanika Social Media

Hydra Kani Instagram Account Username is @kanikaluv. She has over +119k followers on her Instagram account. She had posted more than 50 photos on Instagram.
Hydra Kanika’s YouTube channel is KaniXoXo and she has a 12.1k subscriber base on the YouTube channel.

Achievements of Kanika aka Hydra Kani

One of the main achievements she had achieved is popularity. She is the betrothed of Hydra Kanika and that is why she has become so popular among the people.
Other achievements include:

  • She has more than 2 million popularity in Pubg Mobile.
  • She is a pro-pubg mobile player.
  • She has over 119k followers on Instagram.

Really she is Dynamo’s girlfriend or fiancé

so i already mentioned that she is the girlfriend of Hydra Dynamo aka Aadi Sawant. Even after many people do not believe this. But it’s true, and not just this, they’re getting married later on these rumours

are spreading among dynamo fans. Kanika Bisht Dynamo girlfriend.

We had seen so many times on YouTube while streaming, Dynamo playing pubg with her friend Kanika Bisht in classic matches and also TDM (team death matches).

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Updated: March 15, 2022 — 12:44 pm

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