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Pubg Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games in 2021. Increase in popularity of battle royale game, many gamers are streaming and making career in gaming. In this article we are going to talk about Hydra Nucleya, an official member of Hydra Clan

Hydra Nucleya is a professional Pubg Player, StreamerContent Creator and an official member of Team Hydra Clan.

hydra nucleya pubg id

In this article I give
Hydra Nucleya Biography, Pubg ID, Name, Age, Stats, Sensitivity & More

Hydra Nucleya Short biography

Hydra Nucleya Pubg Wiki
Real name Vickie Singh
Nickname Nucleya
Age N/A
Pubg ID Number 5229510768
clan HydraOfficial
Country India
Nationality Indonesian
Social media data
YouTube NucleyaGaming
Instagram @hydra.nucleya
Twitter #NucleyaaOP

Hydra Nucleya’s Pubg ID

Hydra Nucleya’s Pubg ID is: 5229510768 and his Pubg name is

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Biography of Hydra Nucleya

The real name of Hydra Nucleya is Vickie Singh† He is a professional gamer, streamer and content creator. Hydra Nucleya streams gameplay from
Pubg mobile on his YouTube channel called Nucleya Gaming

Hydra Nucleya’s YouTube Channel – NucleyaGaming

Hydra Nucleya Stats – Season 18

hydra nucleya stats

Hydra Nucleya YouTube Channel

Hydra Nucleya started its YouTube journey on May 27, 2017. Hydra Nucleya has over 132K+ subscribers on its Nucleya Gaming youtube channel with a total of 14.9 million+ general views of his videos.

Hydra Nucleya mainly Live Stream Gameplay from Pubg Mobile and Gat averages 60K+ to 100K+ views on each of its Streams.

Hydra Nucleya Income

Hydra Nucleya’s daily estimated income is between $50-$800. Hydra Nucleya gets a total of more than 1 million views on its videos per day.

Monthly Income of Hydar Nucleya of YouTube is between $800 – $13K+ and the annual income is $9.8K – $132K.

Note: These are all approximate data based on his opinion of his video. This data can fluctuate daily, so this is not accurate. This data is collected from Social Blades YouTube data.

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Who is Hydra Nucleya?

Hydra Nucleya is a professional gamer, streamer, content creator and official member of Hydra Clan with over 132K+ subscribers on YouTube

What is Hydra Nucleya’s real name?

The real name of Hydra Nucleya is Vickie Singh

What is Hydra Nucleya Pubg ID?

Hydra Nucleya’s Pubg Mobile ID Number is: 5229510768 and his Pubg name is HYDRA丨NUCLEYA

Hydra Nucleya’s most popular YouTube video.

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