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To be the pro player of pubg mobile you have to improve your aim of weapons. Without the perfect target, you won’t get a high kill. You also don’t win the matches.

However, most Pubg players don’t know how to aim their enemy’s head at their gun. So despite a high-end device and better internet, they lose their ranking.

Therefore, here are the tips to aim perfectly so that you don’t miss your opponent on the battlefield of pubg matches.

Tips to improve your weapon aim to get high kills in pubg mobile.

Make your sensitivity setting like a pro player.

To kill your enemies you need a smooth sensitivity† Without the best sensitivity setting, you can’t improve your goal of getting a chicken dinner in the pubg ranking contest.

Train yourself on the target board.

It takes enough practice to make your target accurate for high kills. Therefore, the training ground and cheer park is the best for you to practice the aiming skills. There you can challenge other players without fear of losing the tie. Continue playing a target board in the cheer park and try get more points be perfect at aiming.

Use aim assistant.

You know, Aim Assistant is used to increase the accuracy of your weapon target. So keep using your aiming assistant to become a shooting master with ease.

You can also disable your aiming assistant if you are good at targeting your enemies.

  • Go to setting
  • Tap the basic option and enable it.

Use eye bottom

Improve your aim on pubg mobile
Use eye bottom

It’s a tricky way to improve the gun target perfectly, for the high kill in Pubg mobile. Just use it

  • Go to setting
  • Go to control
  • Place the eye at the bottom exactly in the center of your screen (matching the location of the crosshairs).

Do not use ADS range.

If you are fighting at close range from 1-15 meters, do not open your ADS viewer as it will interfere with your time and aim.
But if your enemy is more than 15 meters away, use ADS scope for perfect aiming. However, it depends on your situation.

Precise position of the reticle

If you’re an Erangle or Classic match, set your sights between enemies by knowing their TPP location.
Removing the visor from the enemy’s body will not allow you to improve your weapon target while in the pubg match.

Play more and more TDM.

To increase the accuracy of your target, TDM is the best platform. On the TDM you get every kind of weapon and equipment. So play more and more without fear of losing rank

Select suitable color for reticle:

Select suitable color for reticle:

Do you know? The color of the cross hare affects your aiming ability, so pick your best and favorite color.

I use red color although my best color is green. I don’t use green crocodile because it’s not suitable on the Erangle and Sanhok menu. Because they are green cardfull of grass and forest.

You know, the reticle disappears in the green area, which is why I’m using red. So I recommend you to select an easy-to-see color to improve your aiming skills in pubg mobile.

To change the color of a hare:

  • Go to setting
  • Go to the scope and change the color.

Updated: March 21, 2022 — 2:50 pm

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