Jonathan Pubg/Bgmi ID, Age, Hometown, Device, Controls, Instagram and more

Jonathan Pubg Biography

Short biography
Real name Jonathan
Nickname Joni
Age 20 years old
Birthplace India
Country India
Nationality Indonesian
PUBG name TSmentJonathan
PUBG ID 5112616229
clan Gaming Entity
Crew Name Not in a crew
Service Gyro with 2 fingers always on
Device iPhone 11 Pro Max
Social media
Instagram tsm.ent_jonathan
E-mail Not known

Jonathan Pubg Biography

In this post I am going to tell you about Jonathan Pubg or Jonathan Gaming. Jonathan is the famous Indian Pubg Mobile Player. His real name is Jonathan. He lives in India. He is about 20 years old. He got fame through Pubg Mobile Game. Jonathan is the very famous Competitive Pubg Mobile Player. He participated in many high level Pubg Mobile tournaments such as PMCO, Star Challenge and more. He won the Pubg Mobile Indian Series in 2022. PMIS hosted by Official PUBG and Vivo in India.

Jonathan plays Pubg Mobile on iPhone 11 Pro Max. He plays Pubg Mobile with 2 Fingers with Gyro Always On. People call him top recoil control player.

Jonathan’s clan name is Entity Gaming. He is the co-leader of the Clan entity. And yet he’s not on any Crew.

Jonathan’s YouTube channel name is Jonathan Gaming. He has about 3 million followers on Youtube. He starts his YouTube channel on February 25, 2018. Jonathan’s modt famous cideo has about 4 million views.

Jonathan Controls

Jonathan plays Pubg Mobile with 2 Thumbs. And gyroscope always on. Below is Jonathan’s control layout.

Jonathan Pubg Controls

Lesser Known Facts About Jonathan

  • Jonathan is the famous Indian Pubg Mobile Player.
  • Jonathan plays Pubg Mobile with 2 Fingers + Gyro Always On.
  • Jonathan won the PMIS Challenge 2022 (PUBG Mobile Indian Series).
  • Entity Jonathan takes 6th place in the PMWL Grand Finals.
  • He is a member of TSM Entity Esports.
  • Does he play Pubg Mobile on iPad? new
  • Is he playing Pubg Mobile with Gyro? Yes

Most searched questions about Jonathan Pubg

Ans: Jonathan is the famous Indian Pubg Mobile Player. He uploads videos from PUBG Mobile Game on his YouTube channel.

What is Jonathan’s real name?

Ans: His real name is also Jonathan.

What phone does Jonathan use?

How much the net worth of Jonathan Pubg?

answer: unknown

Jonathan Instagram

Jonathan Pubg Instagram id is tsm.ent_jonathan. He has about 800k followers on Instagram. And he followed about 55 accounts.

Jonathan most famous video

This is Jonathan Gaming’s most famous video. It has about 4 million views on YouTube. In this video, Jonathan shared how to aim better in Close Combat.

Updated: March 15, 2022 — 7:41 am

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