Joystick Guide (PUBG MOBILE & BGMI) Joystick Size & Position

Welcome guys! lately i get a lot of comments about what is the perfect size for the joystick? and where should i keep my joystick placement?

So today in this blog we will look at joystick size and its placement. And the reason why your joystick freezes or stops moving randomly.

Big myth about the size of the joystick

But first there is a big myth about the size of the joystick, many people say that if you use a smaller joystick, your movements will be faster. If you use a larger joystick, your movements will be slow, but they will be more accurate, which is not true, by the way.

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Joystick size doesn’t matter

Well let me tell you that the size of the joystick doesn’t matter if you use the 1st layout option. If you are using a small joystick you should think about it, since your joystick is small you don’t have to move your joystick very far. But the point is, no matter how far you move your joystick, the speed of your moves will be the same.

For instance, Here I tilted the joystick to the left and this is the maximum speed you can move to the left. Even if I pull my joystick further away the movement speed remains the same even with a bigger joystick, only by moving your joystick very little you reach the maximum speed limit. And you might think, with a bigger joystick you have to drag the joystick far to move faster. But that’s not the case here.

Even I used to think the same, but it’s not, and sometimes you just get the illusion that you’re moving faster if you drag the joystick further away. You can test this for yourself by making your joystick completely transparent, asking someone to set your joystick size arbitrarily large or small. And you won’t be able to see any difference unless you open the settings and look at it. So I hope you understand that the size of the joystick doesn’t matter.

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Joystick position

And the same goes for the joystick position, because in the 1st layout option, half of your screen is for movement. While the other half is for aiming.

For instance, I’m going to put my joystick in a random location, and yet I’m still moving normally, because of the way these work. When you touch the left half of the screen with your finger, it generates a temporary joystick which is of course invisible and it links all movements to your real joystick.

By the way, there is no such thing as a temporary joystick, it is just for the explanation to make it easier for you to understand. So there is no such thing as perfect joystick placement as you can place it anywhere you want as the left half of your screen is a huge joystick.

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But why do Chinese players use big joysticks?

And now let’s talk about why some people use big joysticks, especially the Chinese players. So most players who use a large joystick will most likely use the 3rd layout option. Where the joystick placement is a fixed button, suppose you are using a small joystick size in the 3rd layout option. Your joystick button will be very small and there is a chance that you will miss the button by a very small distance. And since you don’t touch the joystick, it will move your target, which is quite annoying when it happens.

That’s why you need a bigger joystick if you use the 3rd layout option. If you’re working with a larger joystick, there’s still a chance it will move your target instead of a joystick.

sprint distance

But the thing that matters a lot is your sprint distanceI wouldn’t recommend placing it too far or too close to the joystick, it should be somewhere in between. Otherwise, you could automatically sprint when you run. And playing on the 3rd layout option is extremely difficult. I played for two hours and gave up, it was just harder to play on it and if I just touch the joystick it moves, literally killing me every time.

But I know some people play on the 3rd layout option but why? I know they probably got used to the 3rd layout option and it feels easy and comfortable.

Why Joystick Freezes or Suddenly Doesn’t Move?

I can give you two possible explanations for this:

Explanation 1

The first is when your thumb finger moves over the edge of the screen, your joystick stops moving because you’re clearly not touching the screen, and you don’t realize it. When your thumb finger reaches over the edge of the screen, you may be touching the edge of your phone instead of the screen.

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Your phone does not register the touch and the joystick stops moving. Even if your finger goes over the notch of your phone. There is a chance that your phone will stop registering touch and stop the movement of your joystick.

To solve this problem, just don’t touch the edge of your phone, otherwise put your thumb finger a little far from the edges of the screen.

Explanation 2

And next is touch problems, one of the most common touch problems is accidental touch. Your palm will most likely touch the bottom of the screen, which will also register the touch. Sometimes it can move your joystick to solve this problem, prevent your palm from touching the bottom of the screen, or use a thick phone case, or you can stick double-sided tape near the joystick area, so that your palm does not from touching from the screen.

Anyway, that’s all I got for this blog, I hope you learned something new if you hit the like button and subscribed to our newsletter for the upcoming blog.

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