Know the major differences between PUBG Mobile and FAU-G

Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G) is scheduled for release on Republic Day i.e. January 26, 2021, but no official dates have been announced regarding the release of PUBG Mobile in India. However, the game’s official teaser had already been released. Despite the ban, players are still playing the mobile version of PUBG using the VPN.

In this article we will tell you about the three main differences between the FAU-G and PUBG Mobile

  • FAU-G servers are only limited to India as the game is based on the Indian soldiers fighting against enemies and PUBG Mobile has multiple server options as the game is available in Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese versions.
  • FAU-G is a multiplayer action game based on the Galwan Valley episode and PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game where 100 players can play the game in one sitting.
  • FAU-G is based entirely on real-world scenarios and taught us how our soldiers protect the land from enemies, but PUBG Mobile approaches to improve the player’s character, but is better equipped to upgrade the battle. generous approach

Updated: April 15, 2022 — 4:56 pm

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