Lag fix , high damage config for pubg lite download- (101% safe) : pubg lite high damage hack file 0.22.1 .

Lag fix, high damage configuration for pubg lite download (101% safe): pubg lite high damage hack file 0.22.1.

Lag fix, high damage configuration for pubg lite download- (101% safe): pubg lite hack file with high damage

In today’s time MOBILE PUBG Game has become a very popular game in today’s time and we all like to play PUBG Mobile games but we don’t have mobile with more RAM that can play PUBG MOBILE or big games.

But for this ten cent developers launched PUBG MOBILE LITE, but PUBG MOBILE LITE also lags a little bit because it has not launched in our country, but it has been fully released, but in this post we will know how to fix lag in PUBG mobile lite, if you can fix it I am going to give full information on how to fix lag in PUBG LITE via configuration.

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Lag fix, high damage configuration for pubg lite – Latest update for Low Ram device

PUBG MOBILE LITE also lags because of your mistake

  • Your phone has less juice
  • Your phone has very little RAM
  • The application will run a lot in the background of your phone

All these things will leave your PUBG MOBILE LITE behind

Lag fix, high damage configuration for pubg lite download (101% safe): pubg lite high damage hack file 0.22.1.
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Take care of some things

  • First of all, your internet speed should be fast
  • Your internal storage must be free
  • Keep your background apps close
  • Your Aries must be empty
  • Uninstall unused application

These were all some tips because most of the PUBG MOBILE LITE lag behind all these things, now I will tell you to solve the delay of PUBG MOBILE LITE by using a configuration so that your lag can be completely fixed and you can play well .

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Download some tools

Before using config you need some important tools because if you use config ko all these tools will be helpful. First of all, download ES File Expolar.

Using Configuration

  • Please download the configuration first
  • Then open the configuration from any editor
  • Then copy the Config
  • Open Es File Expolar
  • Where pubg mobile lite folder is created, open it
  • Android, + Data, + tencent lite, + Files, + UE4Game, + Shadow tracker, + Shadow tracker Tools, + Saved, + Config, + Android, + then you need to edit [User custom]
  • Then select [User Custom Device Profile] nasty [Backup Device Profile] just above it
  • The middle part of it should be selected
  • Then you paste
  • then save it

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Latest update Download new configuration

Download Pubg Mobile Lite Latest Update Config

Download configuration

To download the old update configuration, click Download

Some hints

  • After doing so much process, you need to restart your mobile.
  • Then open PUBG MOBILE LITE
  • Finally your PUBG MOBILE LITE will start running Smoothly

But if you follow all these tips step by step you will not have any problem after that, if there is still problem then you will surely answer it by asking in the comment section.

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Updated: March 13, 2022 — 5:52 pm

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