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Lizo Pubg ID Pubg Mobile has become one of the most successful and popular mobile games in the world. Many good pubg mobile players have chosen Pubg as their full time career. In this article we are going to talk about lizo Pubg.

In this post we tell you more about Lizo Pubg IDhis real name, age, controls, device, profile and more.

Short biography of Lizo Pubg
Real name Unknown
Nickname Lizo
Age Unknown
Pubg ID


Pubg name in game YouTube LIZO
Pubg popularity 1 million plus
Country India
Nationality Indonesian
Lives in India
Pubg partner new
Service 4 figure claw + gyroscope (always on)
Current device iPad Mini 5

Lizo Pubg ID

Lizo Pubg ID number is 5159000781 and Lizo Pubg Name is YouTube LIZO

Lizo Pubg ID

Lizo Pubg Biography

Lizo is a popular Pubg Mobile player from India. He lives in India. Lizo plays Pubg on his Ipad mini 5. He is known for doing 1v1 with other professional YouTubers. Lizo made a name for himself by beating those players in 1v1.

Lizo Pubg Youtube

Lizo started his youtube channel on August 2, 2019. He has over 550k subscribers on his youtube channel. Lizo uploads one video every day. His videos have about 100k-300k plus views on his YouTube channel.

Lizo Pubg Instagram

Lizo has over 200k followers on his Instagram account. He uploads short clips from Pubg mobile on his Instagram account.

Lesser Known Facts About Lizo Pubg

  • Lizo Pubg is the famous PUBGM player.
  • He lives in India.
  • He is the
  • He has about 2 million popularity in the game.
  • He plays PUBG on iPad Mini 5 with 4 Fingers claw.

Most wanted questions about Lizo

Ans: Lizo is a popular Pubg Mobile player from India. He lives in India. Lizo plays Pubg on his iPad mini 5.

What is Lizo Pubg’s real name?

What phone does Lizo use?

How much the net worth of Lizo?

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