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Pubg Mobile is one of the most played games today and many creators have created their own identity in the gaming community. Today we are going to talk about such a player with its own identity.


We are going to share information about Midas Pubg ID, K/D, stats, earning and much more. So let’s get started.

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Midas Pubg Biography

Real name Midas (as on youtube channel)
Nickname Midas
Profession gamer
Age 24 years
Pubg ID 6101975473
Name in game Midas
Role Allrounder
Check 7-finger claw and 5-finger
Midas social media
Instagram @godmidasgaming
Youtube Midas
twitch Midas
TikTok username @youtubemidas
E-mail Do not know

Midas Pubg

Midas is a very popular gamer in Asia. He is popularly known by his nickname Midas. The Pubg In-game name of Midas is Midas. Until now, he had not revealed his real name, but on his YouTube channel, he had revealed his name as Midas.

He is Gamer by profession. He is a popular gamer, a well-known content creator. He has a YouTube channel called Midas. You can subscribe to their channel from the link above.

Midas YouTube Channel

Midas started his YouTube channel on January 26, 2019. Now he has completed about 5 lakh subscribers in 1 year and 6 months.

He also has a large fan base on Twitch. I had given his Twitch link above, you can also check his twitch ID.

Midas social media

Midas has several social media activities such as You can follow him on Instagram where he has over 20k subscribers and a huge following on his TikTok.

His TikTok ID is @youtubemidas. He has 75+ posts on his Instagram, so you can calculate that he is also very active on social platforms.

Specification of the Midas device:

He usually uses two devices to play Pubg mobile

1. iPhone 8 Plus

He uses iPhone 8 plus to practice matches in Pubg mobile, where he uses 7 fingers.

2. iPad Pro 11-inch

Midas makes a video on iPad Pro 11 inch device in which he uses 5 Finger claws.

Popular questions about Midas

1. Who is Midas?

Midas is a popular Pubg player and content creator.

2. What is Midas’ pubg id?

His Pubg ID is 6101975473.

3. is Midas Indian?

No, he is not Indian. (Actually, he hadn’t revealed much more about him)

Midas Earn Monthly

He has over 5 lakh, active subscribers, on their YouTube channel and he gets about 1 lakh views on every video he uploads. According to social blade stats, he earns about 20 to 25k INR monthly from his YouTube channel.

Midas Kr Version Pubg Stats

  • 🏅​​Season 2 Kr/Jp Server Squad Ranking #5
  • 🏅​​Season 3 Kr/Jp Server Squad Ranking #1
  • 🏅​​​​Season 4 Kr/Jp Server Squad Ranking #1 ​
  • 🏅Season 8 Kr/Jp Server Squad Ranking #1
  • 🏅​​Season 9 Asia Server Squad Ranking #1
  • 🏅​​Season 14 Asia Server Squad Ranking #1
Midas season 17 stats – Pubg Kr version KR/JP server

Popular videos from Midas

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