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Midasbuy provides a platform for Pubg users to utilize UC at extremely low rates. This platform makes sure that their users have to get various unique and promotional offers. Midas Buy is widely known as a top up center/point for famous music, videos and video games. It is widely known for servicing and delivering in-game purchases for Pubg Mobile. Midasbuy gives UCs (unknown money) at a fairly cheap rate. It does not restrict sales within a country. Overseas buyers can also buy UC on Midas Buy.

Every player loves having good skin, cloth skins, vehicles, gun skins, buying room cards and a lot; for that you have to let UC spend some real money.

Steps to get UC with Midasbuy

Step 1: First of all, one has to create an A/C (account) on the Razer Gold portal by logging in to the link www.gold.razer.com

Step 2: One has to complete a two-step verification process and add cash through one of the following modes depending on the comfort such as: PayPal, UPI, Google Pay, Phone pe, Paytmand so forth.

Step 3: Log in to the official Midas Buy portal.

Step 4: Go forward and click on the Pubg Mobile section.

Step 5: The screen shows a drop-down list to select Region. Click on your correct region on the next page; the website will ask you for your PUBG ID† in case the user doesn’t remember their id, they can login with facebook id if it is linked to your Pubg account

Step 6: The next page will show the . to display “purchase” button tap the same and type how much UC you want to acquire through purchase.

Step 7: Use Razor Gold to make payment.

Step 8: UC will be credited to your account once you complete the payment process.

Pubg Mobile 60% Bonus Event

Recently, Pubg Mobile announced an exciting and beneficial event for their Pubg players. Krafton Ltd announces the purchase of several in-game items at a huge discount. Every gamer is waiting for such an opportunity to grab the best deal. Players can buy in the store according to their own choice and wish. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Pubg Mobile usually comes with the latest events, schedules and rewards for their users. Recently they announced the UC bonus event for users. The event started on Nov 10, 2021† Players must purchase items and skins from the Midasbuy shop by using UC, and you will get a discount of up to 60%.

Is Midasbuy safe?

The question arises whether it is safe for Pubg Mobile. It is a well-known merchant platform that offers in-game stuff at low cost. Most Midas buyers have positive reviews, which makes it more reliable. There are other options, you can also buy it through google, an in game purchase, but then you have to spend an extra penny out of your pocket as it is more expensive than the Midasbuy rates.

Issues Buyers Face Through Midasbuy

It’s a center that sells UC for Pubg Mobile account in different parts of the world. It is one of the most well-known centers but has received quite a number of complaints from its users on forum sites.

One of the usual points of complaint when buying Midasbuy was that players deposited money on? Midasbuy, but the deposited money was not reflected on their in-game account. When the officials of Midasbuy When investigating such an issue, it was found that most of the issues were due to technical issues with the site and some players being given an incorrect Pubg ID.

Few users have complaints about Pubg account stealing. According to some users, a center like Midasbuy can steal your account and other information. However, Pubg Mobile’s internal system is too strong because it is a global version. While buying UC, it is extremely difficult to give your ID online and steal your account from your ID only.

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Online Scam Prevention

Sites like Midasbuy and other identical UC download centers seem reliable and trustworthy; one can mark their self-protection against future online fraud. When officials took a closer look at the fraud on Pubg Player by such a center. It turned out that the players were approached by UC sellers via WhatsApp. Midasbuy is a big name and has a house style. It is simple, reliable and trustworthy.

  1. Sharing your game data with unauthorized or unofficial UC centers, websites, platforms, and other portals can turn into a nightmare.
  2. Everyone will create a virtual credit card first instead of using their real credit card and make sure your credit card has a low and limited balance so even if you lose money it won’t hurt much. Do not keep too much money on your credit card, which will be used for the purchase of UC.
  3. Try to buy on the official sites of the game. They are the most reliable and trustworthy; although that is not very profitable, your personal data is in safe hands.
  4. If you have shared your mobile number, which is linked to your bank account, be careful. Don’t share OTP, QR code with the seller who sells UC. Most likely use a mobile number that should be associated with one of your accounts.
  5. Sometimes when you visit such a shopping center, the site will redirect you to another website that is unsafe without clicking. This can lead to sharing of your private data stored on the device, malware attack, etc. To avoid this, you should have a good antivirus and users should use Add-blockers.


Q Where do I create an account if I want to buy UC from Midas Buy?

Users will visit www.gold.razer.com and create an account by filling in the required details.

Q Is Midasbuy a reliable source of UC purchases?

Yes, although it had received a few complaints when the complaints were investigated. It was determined that this was due to technical issues and misinformation provided by the user. Midasbuy has a huge identity in the market. It is not only widely used in India but also in the outside world. Therefore it is reliable.

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