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Season 20 is coming. And for that, Pubg Mobile has introduced a new theme called Mission Ignition, which is a ranked mode and based on the future technology world. In this new update 1.5, the game has added many new exciting features about events, matches, maps and settings that we will discuss here.

What’s New in Mission Igniter Patch 1.5?

There are many new things to discover and try in the latest update.

  • Look for future technologies.
  • Try new firearms and vehicles.
  • Extensive improvements and better gameplay experience.
  • Get more Royale Pass rewards.

So collect free rewards by updating the Pubg mobile to a newer version:

  • 2888BP
  • 100 AG
  • Victorian Girls Backpack (3d)*1

More features of Pubg mode for mobile mission ignition.

Mission Ignition is an innovative map based on Erangle but included in the Evoground category in PUBGM. As you know, before the new update there was a payload on Evoground, but now the game replaced it with mission ignition.

And the classification system of the new model is like classic competitions. So try to win more ‘matches’ to stay on top.

Auto jump

Automatic jump in the mission ignition ranked mode in Pubg mobile.

It is a new exciting feature of the mission ignition mode. You just need to mark a map location where you want to land and tap the automatic jump – your character will automatically land exactly on the marked point.

Giga factory

Giga factory in rank mode for mission ignition in Pubg mobile.

You can also call it the Tesla factory. In this mode, you will create a Tesla car to drive using the Giga factory. Just enable the process. By using the Tesla car, you can mark your destination and enjoy the auto drive service. You can also listen to relaxing sounds while driving.

Air Conveyor Belt

You get an air transport machine in mission ignition and by using it you can travel through the air.

New ASM baker’s gun

New ASM baker's rifle in rank mode for mission firing in Pubg mobile.

The ASM baker’s rifle released on Pubg mobile new update. It looks like AKM, but needs 5.56mm ammunition. And the ammo capacity is 30 without the extended mag and 40 with mag.

petrol robot

Gasoline robot in mission ignition ranked mode in Pubg mobile.

Pubg mobile introduces petrol robot in the new update. IF you activate it, the petrol robot will help you find the best loot, such as a level 3 helmet, vest, backpacks and other weapons.

It will also give you a red signal if your enemy is around you.


Also new is Hyperline in Pubg mobile. It is a technological vehicle that takes you from one station to another on the map.

Tactical Marking Device

It is a new device in the game that looks like a gun attachment. And you can find it anywhere on the island.

So by using the tactical marking device, your teammate can mark the enemy’s location while fighting with others.

G38 Anti-Gravity Motorcycle

It is a new vehicle based on new technology. And when you ride this bike, you feel like you’re above the ground.

Other new things

  • You can get an M24 pistol anywhere. (without drop)
  • When you run out of ammo, your character automatically switches to another weapon.
  • New sensitivity setting – gryo camera and gyro ADS
  • ipad vision

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Updated: March 17, 2022 — 3:23 pm

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