MVP Full Form in PUBG | How to Get 100 MVP in Pubg

MVP full form in PUBG (Player unknown battlefield).

So, guys, basically it stands for the most valuable player.

It is above all an achievement for the best player in a team.

First of all, in Pubg, you have to outperform your teammates.

MVP complete form in Pubg

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How do you always get MVP in Pubg?

If you want to get MVP in every single match in pubg mobile. Then you should follow these proven 5 tips to always get MVP in Pubg.

So, without paying further, let’s dive right in;

  1. Try to play aggressive, hasty and overpowered (OP). Because this will help you achieve more kills and damage.
  2. If you are in a squad, use good coordination. Means, revive your teammates as much as possible in a single match.
  3. Use healings (bandages, energy drinks etc) as more healing gives you the title of doctor. And this can potentially increase your chances of getting MVP. Read: BT Complete form in Pubg
  4. Use a combination of a single-bolt sniper and an assault rifle. If you don’t like using sniper, try taking headshots with your AR, DMR or SMG.
  5. Loot Air Drops and because it will help you achieve the Berseaker title.

Bonus Tips (Secret and Myth)

  • You can take 20-30 bandages and take blue zone damage to get healing points.
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How do you get 100 MVP in Pubg?

100 MVP in Pubg is not difficult if you read this 5 point.

  • You must have 20+ kills.
  • You can easily get 100 MVP in Squad. But in solo and duo it seems almost impossible.
  • 3000+ damage is a must.
  • Revives and heals a little.
  • Airdrop loot & Level 3 backpack full are also important factors.

How is MVP determined in Pubg?

Getting MVP is one of the best Felling in the world

~A Pubg player

MVP is determined by analyzing all your stats from a single match.

This analysis consists of Healing, Damage, Headshots, Airdrop Loots, Full Backpack to Gunslinger etc.

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