Latest No Recoil File for PUBG

Nowadays PUBG game is everyone’s favorite. It is also very popular around the world. PUBG has recently been updated to 1.8 which has been updated by almost every player so far.

And if you play the PUBG game too, you know that PUBG isn’t just a game, it’s an emotion. Today I give you No kickback file for PUBG

But many people in PUBG don’t know how to set the sensitivity. Because of their sensitivity, their aim cannot be improved.

But when I say you can improve your aim by using some PUBG hacks. And I know you guys want Free Fire Hacks too.

So today I give you the 1.8 no kickback file for PUBG† I know what you’re thinking, it’s anti-prohibition or not.

So yeah, don’t worry about that, this no kickback method in PUBG is 100% anti-ban. No kickback file for PUBG will not affect your PUBG account.

If you are from India, read about No kickback file for BGMI. I am also uploading the latest 1.8.0 no recoil file for BGMi players.
As we all know PUBG was just updated few days ago and now everyone wanted to be updated no kickback file for PUBGIf you are interested in PUBG configurations, you should try it No kickback file for PUBG Lite

Now PUBG has officially launched its new 1.8.0 update. And no older files will work in this update. This time, PUBG has done a great collaboration with the Spider-Man no way home. And in this entire game, the Spider-Man suit can only use one player.

Download configuration

File Application Process:

  1. Extract the zip folder.
  2. Copy obb file.
  3. Go to the Android folder.
  4. Open the obb folder.
  5. Go to the com.tencent.ig folder.
  6. Paste obb file.
  7. Remove Original PUBG
  8. Install PUBG APK

More explanation:

I know you have a lot of questions about this no throwback file for pubg You have to complete a very small process after which your file will start working.

Here are some steps you can take to start the application process for this file. But if some people still don’t understand, I will tell them a little more in detail so that they can easily apply this file.

This file is a bit late as I was testing it on my account. Now that this file is working properly, I am giving this file to you. So you can enjoy the game by putting it on your account.

First you need to download the file given to me and after downloading you need to extract this file. Because the format of this file can be zipped or RAR. GET FORTNITE AIMBOT + ESP Hack.

When you extract the 1.8 file without kickback. Open the extracted folder. In the extracted folder you will see two files, one file is obb and the second is PUBG APK.

If you don’t want to get into the trouble of downloading maps and resources, make sure to rename some folders. Rename both com.tencent.ig folders.

Now here is the application process, open the extracted folder and copy the obb file. Go to your Android folder and open the obb folder. Then open the com.tencent.ig folder and delete the old obb file. Paste your copied obb file here.

Now delete your original PUBG, Yuppp this is necessary if you want to apply No kickbackle for PUBG† After uninstalling, install the PUBG APK.

If you previously renamed some folders, restore them to their original names. Now open your game and enjoy this updated 1.8 file with no kickback for PUBG.

Important information

As we all know how strict Tencent is. If you have performed any unusual activity on your PUBG account, your account will be banned for 10 years.

But in the latest 1.8 update. PUBG introduces a device ban feature. This means that you break any PUBG security rule, after that you can never install PUBG game on your mobile again.

Because PUBG is committed to maintaining a fair competitive environment for all players. I always said in my old post not to use this hack on your real account. But in this new update I can’t even tell you not to use this hack on your original ID. Because if you use a hack now, your device will be banned.

But as we all know need is the mother of invention so I think with the passage of time some solution of this thing will surely come out. After which we can install PUBG on our mobile even if the device is banned.

If I come up with something unusual, they’ll have to reconsider their position on my website, so don’t worry. I hope you liked today’s article. If you are interested in configurations, you should try 1.8 White body file for PUBG.

No kickback file for PUBG

Each configuration has different functions. So what functions are in the file I gave you? And what are some things you can’t use?

First off, this is just not a kickback file with shake. No additional hack is included in this configuration. So if you’re just not a user of knockback files, then this file is just for you.

My previous file only works on some weapons like AKM, M416 etc. But this works on all weapons in PUBG. But personally I recommend not using 6x on AKM or Barrel.

Updated: March 13, 2022 — 5:08 pm

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