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Payal Gaming is the most popular YouTube channel run by female star Payal Dhare (Entity Payal)† Payal Dhare started her Payal Gaming YouTube channel on March 2, 2019, but she uploaded her first Pubg Mobile video on July 14, 2022. Payal Gaming YouTube channel gained 3 Lakh subscribers within a year.

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Payal Gaming Beautiful pictures

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Payal Gaming Bio: Pubg ID, Real Name, Age, Boyfriend, Sensitivity

Payal Gaming Biography

Payal Gaming / Payal Dhare (Entity Payal) is the most beautiful Indian content creator. She was born on September 18, 2000 in Madhya Pradesh, India. She lives with her parents in Chhindwara.

Entity Payal was an efficient mobile gamer. She started playing games from childhood.

Payal Gaming Success Story: (Youtube Career)

But the story of the Start of Payal Gaming is very interesting. Entity Payal started playing PUBG Mobile because her friend GHATAK suggested to play Pubg Mobile with him after playing some matches.

At the time, she was used to playing on an Android device, but once she was determined to choose gambling as her career, she bought an iPhone 11 Max Pro device for smooth gameplay.

Payal Gaming Interview in her words

In an interview, she also said that her elders are constantly supporting her in all her desires. She also talked about how hard it is to become a female gamer where a lot of people are trolling you for doing streams and saying that every one of your fans measures just because of your face and because you are a woman apart from that you just don’t any talent in you.

In addition, many of the guys comment dangerous words during the live sessions, Payal advised all women to specialize exclusively in their goals and be positive to avoid negativity.

Entity Payal Short Biography

Payal Dhare Short Biography
Real name Payal Dhare
Relation Only
Age 20 years (September 18, 2000)
Birthplace Madhya Pradesh
Country India
Relationship status Only
PUBG name EntityPaYaL
PUBG ID 5120321397
performance Season 9, Season 11 Conqueror
clan name Gaming Entity
Service 4 finger claw
Device iPhone 11 Pro Max
Social media Instagram, Youtube & Twitter
Instagram entity_payal
E-mail [email protected]

Payal Gaming Boyfriend

Payal Gaming is still single but one website rumored to be Payal Gaming Boyfriend is Regaltos. Payal has already announced that she will announce if she has a boyfriend.

Payal Gaming YouTube Channel

Payal Gaming’s YouTube channel is also Payal Gaming where she plays many games including Pubg Mobile and GTA. Her channel has gained 501k subscribers

Payal Gaming Instagram Account

Payal Gaming’s Instagram account name is PayalGamingg.

Payal Gaming Beautiful images

Payal Gaming Beautiful images are at the end of the post.

Payal Gaming PC Specification:

Processor – AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

RAM RGB 16GB (8GBx2) DDR 4 3200MHz

Graphics Card – MSI GEFORCE RTX 2070 x Trio 8GB OC GDDR6

Hard Drive – 1TB

Headset – Logitech g pro

Camera – Logitech C922

Mouse – Logitech G402 Wired Gaming Mouse

Keyboard – Ant Esports MK 1000 Blue Switches

Monitor – Samsung L524F350FHWXXL 24-inch gaming monitor

Microphone – Blue Yeti

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Payal Gaming: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Payal Gaming Age?

Payal Gaming age is 20 years as she was born on September 18, 2000.

What is Payal Gaming Pubg ID?

Payal Gaming Pubg ID is 5120321397 and its in-game name is Entity Payal.

What is the real name of Payal Gaming?

Payal Gaming (Entity Payal) real name is Payal Dhare and her YouTube channel Payal Gaming is also in the name of Payal.

Who is Payal Gaming Boyfriend?

Payal Gaming has no boyfriend to date, according to her statement.

Entity Payal Boyfriend?

There is no confirmation about her boyfriend, but according to her fans, Entity Payal’s colleague is Soul Regaltos, who is also a terribly remarkable gamer of PUBG mobile, but in an interview with a collaborator she made it clear that she is currently single. remains and is sure that if she is going to be in a relationship, then she will undoubtedly tell her fans about it.

Where does Entity Payal live?

Entity Payal is basically from Madhya Pradesh India and she resides in Chhindwara district.

Which mobile device does Entity Payal use?

Entity Payal Mobile Device is iPhone 11 max proChecking out: iPhone XI Pro Max

Entity Payal Beautiful pictures

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