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Payload 2.0 PUBG Mobile Lite is the updated version with a closer resemblance to the original Battle Royale in the scaled down application. PUBG Mobile has become a popular fighting game among gamers since 2017. However, the original PUBG game takes up a lot of space and gets an excellent OS to run smoothly.

With lower devices, PUBG Mobile Lite can afford it a game with minimal freezing. However, the reduced version means that some points in the map and modes are omitted. Still, it remains exciting not only for professionals, but also attractive for all players who like fighting games.

Still, Payload 2.0 doesn’t represent all the classic battle, but better than the old one PUBG Mobile Lite with some unique features. PUBG game, in Lite or standard version, should never be a predictable game. Load capacity 2.0 is the same, but we have some PUBG Mobile Lite guides to help you turn the table.

Get your armor before entering the match of payload 2.0 PUBG Mobile Lite

In the original game you don’t know what will happen when you land from the plane. The place changes every time. The first seconds after landing is the time you need to look around and analyze the situation. However, you can be shot out of nowhere.

Therefore, you better prepare yourself with as much protection as possible. Some basic things in PUBG Mobile Lite’s Payload 2.0 are helmets and armor, which you can wear beforehand or quickly find in the areas such as buildings and compounds.

Grab armor and helmet
Grab armor and helmet

Gather a team

Solo is a tough job, so why not take a team. Teamwork gives you a better chance of winning if you work well with the squad. Staying with your companions will allow you to observe better, more powerful weapons and thus deal more damage. Strangers might not get the best effect, so you better get your friends involved.

Teammates in PUBG Mobile Lite
Teammates in PUBG Mobile Lite

Improve performance in payload 2.0 PUBG Mobile Lite with a vehicle

A vehicle is always a better choice for moving. In addition, a tank or car can protect you from bullets lost on the battlefield. You could be an excellent place to hide from your enemy’s visions if you can get better vehicles that can rampage around the map. You will see how much power you have. But always stick to a car first for better mobility.

Hide behind vehicles on Battle Ground
Hide behind vehicles on Battle Ground

Missiles take care of the enemy’s vehicles

When we talk about taking two guns, people usually think of firearms because they are so classic. However, firearms or rocket launchers are all great for taking on targets over great distances, so why not take the more destructive ones? Rocket launchers not only allow you to take down enemies, but also their vehicles. This weapon deals a large amount of damage as soon as you fire.

rocket launcher
rocket launcher

Don’t forget to revive ids

The communication tower can revive IDs, but we always forget to retrieve the IDs of dead teammates. Listen, when you play in teams and want to win, recovering IDs is one of the little things that works.

Payload 2.0 PUBG Mobile Lite gives you such an excellent opportunity to bolster your unit. It may not be the best strategy for winning, but it will help your team survive longer until they come up with something.

Updated: March 19, 2022 — 12:16 am

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