Play pubg and earn paytm cash : How to earn money by playing PUBG ?

Play pubg and earn paytm cash: how do you make money playing PUBG?

play pubg and earn cash

In today’s post we learn how to make money by playing PUBG† One of the most popular games out of all the games that people play around the world is PUBG. If you also play PUBG Mobile game, you can earn a lot of money online in addition to playing the game.

Perhaps this question comes to your mind that money can be: earned by playing games at! Yes friends, you can earn a lot of money by playing the game and for this you don’t even have to do much, you just have to play the game and the money will go into your account.

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How to make money playing PUBG?

Now, not only in India, there are thousands of people all over the world who make a lot of money online by playing games.

If you also want to earn money by playing PUBG game then you should create YouTube channel, it may sound strange but you will not believe that there are many gamers in India who are making a lot of money just by streaming the game online on Youtube. Also, money is received separately from Google ads.

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If you want to run a YouTube channel, just play games and earn money, there is another way, and that is PUBG tournaments, it is very popular in the present times, if you are a good PUBG player, you can participate in PUBG tournaments and earn lots of prize money.

Play pubg and earn paytm cash: how do you make money playing PUBG?
play pubg and earn money app – best app to play pubg and earn money

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how to make money with pubg tournament

Listening to you must have the feeling that PUBG has tournaments too? Yes, you heard that right, PUBG also has online tournaments that anyone can join. And at all tournaments there is also a nice prize awarded.

Today, there are thousands of online PUBG tournament platforms where you can play PUBG matches by paying entry fee. If you win the match, you get a lot of prize money.

Tournaments like this take place all over the world, if you are from India then there are several tournaments in India as well. And the entrance fees to all these tournaments are also very high. 10 – 20 – 30 -40 -50 can be more than this. Below we have provided links to some of the best PUBG tournament platforms where you can earn money playing pubg.

All the links we provided above, you can join Jake on any platform and earn money by winning matches.

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How to make money live streaming PUBG game on YouTube?

The first thing you need to do is create a YouTube channel which is absolutely free, by following this post on how to create a YouTube channel, you can create a YouTube channel, after you create a YouTube channel, you must live stream and Youtube But PUBG game must be played live.

Now PUBG is the most popular game in India, then more and more people like to watch this game live, if you play a very good game in live streaming and people like to play your game then you send people Paytm money, and you can earn a lot later to Google Adsense by publishing the same live streaming on your channel.

So to make money online with a PUBG game or any other game, you should follow these tips as this is a great way to earn a lot of money by playing the game.

You will not get any money in the beginning, but your job will become a good subscriber and then you will earn good.

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Play pubg and earn paytm cash: how do you make money playing PUBG?
pubg se paise kaise kamaye

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How to do live streaming of games on YouTube?

This work is also very simple, below we have provided a video, by following it you can easily play the game live on YouTube from your mobile itself.

So, by following the video above, you can learn how to play PUBG or any other game live on YouTube.

If you are not yet convinced, we have listed below the names of some Youtubers who earn a lot of money online playing online games.

• CarryisLive
• GoldyHindiGaming
• Dynamo Gaming
• Gareeboo

All the above names are all YouTube channel names, you can watch Jake’s channel on YouTube.

So friends, we hope you enjoyed this information today, and if you have this question about how to make money playing pubg or games then you must have got your answer in this post. If you like the post, please share it with friends.

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