Real Name, Country, Sensitivity Settings, Pubg ID, Face, etc

Predator is a Pakistani Pubg Mobile Pro player with more than 4.69k subscribers on YouTube. He is a very popular YouTuber in Pakistan. He is also known for his great performance and some people also call him a hacker because of his fatal attack in the game.

In this article you will learn Predator Biography, Predator Real Name, Predator Pubg ID, Predator Country, Predator Religion, Predator Device, Predator Sensitivity, Predator Age, Predator Income and many more

Predator Biography: Real Name, Country, Sensitivity Settings, Pubg ID, Face, etc.

predatorpEditor Biography

Predator’s real name is Zubair Khan and he was born in Pakistan on August 5, 2000. According to the date of birth, Predator is 19 years young. Predator is known for its best Pubg Mobile Gameplay.

Predator is a gamer and Gaming Content Creator who creates content for his YouTube channel of the same name. He is the most popular Youtuber in Pakistan.

He is a 4 claw player who previously played for Team Fyme, he joined IGen Gaming.

Predator Short Biography

Real name Zubair Khan
Country Pakistan
Age 19 years (August 5, 2000)
Pubg name Predator
Pubg ID Number 5369459460
Team name IGen Gaming
Predator role Attacker
Service 4 Claw player with Gyro on
E-mail [email protected]
Instagram ID yt_predator
Device iPhone 8 plus
Youtube Predator

Predator real name

Predator’s real name is Zubair Khan.

Predator Pubg ID

Predator’s Pubg ID is 5369459460.

predator religion

He belongs to the Muslim community (Islam).

Predator Device

He uses iPhone 8 Plus to play Pubg Mobile.

Predator Control

Predator is a 4 Claw + Gyro player.

predator age

Predator is 19 years old as he was born on August 5, 2000.

Predator’s Youtube Channel

Predator is the name of the YouTube channel and its channel has 4.69 Lakh subscribers.

Total Predator Earnings

The income of predators is almost $10,000.

Predator’s Social Media

Predator uses Facebook and Instagram where his Facebook page has nearly 9K followers and his Instagram page has about 76K followers.

Instagram: yt_predator

Facebook: Predator

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Predator: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Predator?

Predator is a Pro Pubg Mobile Player and Gaming Content Creator from Pakistan. He is known for his hacker-like gameplay.

What is Predator’s real name?

The Predator’s real name is Zubair Khan where Predator is his YouTube channel name.

What phone/emulator does Predator use?

He uses iPhone 8 Pro for gaming where he performs great gameplay.

How much does Predator make?

His estimated income is $100,000 and it is equal to 15946946.42 Pakistani Rupee.

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