PUBG 1.8.0 Perfect Headshot 60 Config GFX Tool Apk Hack C2S4

PUBG 1.8.0 Perfect Headshot 60 Config GFX Tool Apk Hack C2S4. PUB Gfx Tool Free is a tool that allows you to upgrade the visuals in PUBG Mobile in a safe and simple way. Plus If your Android smartphone is not too old, you can change the graphics settings to reduce the resolution, speeding up delays. In general, during the game you can change your graphics whenever you want.

Installing PUB Gfx Tool Free is a piece of cake. Choose between the worldwide, Taiwanese, Korean and Chinese releases after selecting the version of the game you want to play. Select the desired resolution there. Again, you have a wide selection of resolutions to choose from, ranging from 960×540 for mid-range smartphones to 2560×1440 for high-end tablets.


  • Update 1.8.0
  • Main ID Vault
  • Root / Non-root
  • All Android Supports
  • Support all PUBG versions


  • Magic Bullets
  • Super AIM
  • M416 Glacier Effect
  • Wall shooting
  • iPad display
  • Smooth texture
  • Aiming aid
  • I Phone 13 Configuration
  • Extreme Fps 60
  • Perfect photo of the head

PUBG 1.8.0 Perfect Headshot 60 Config GFX Tool Apk Hack C2S4

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You can start setting up your images once you have completed the first few steps. Select the in-game graphics quality you want, the fps rate that works best for your device, and whether or not you want to use shadows and MSAA. To set everything up correctly, you must of course take into account the memory of your smartphone.

Regardless of the version you choose, PUB Gfx Tool Free is a great program to completely customize your PUBG Mobile experience. This app is beneficial for everyone from advanced Android users who want a better PUBG experience to those who have mid-range phones and need to play PUBG without their phone crashing.

Updated: March 18, 2022 — 10:04 pm

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