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What is Pubg 1.9 White Body, No Recoil Config File Hack?

Pubg & Bgmi White Body Configuration File 1.9.0 is a hack file for white body & no recoil, no grassm antiban 100% working config. While it’s not legal to modify or alter game files, it’s a bad idea to do things that could block your game account by putting your ID at risk. You can be permanently banned from Pubg.

white body configuration file

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But don’t worry, this is an anti-ban file so you don’t get banned. In this post I will give you the best White body config file and no recoil and grass file for Pubg 1.9.0

Pubg 1.9 White Body Hack Configuration File 2022

If you are looking for PUBG 1.8 white body Config file, you can download it here for free. I have updated the file for: February 2022 worldwide version and also for Pubg 1.9. The file allows you to increase the overall AIM accuracy of every weapon in the game, including the M416, AKM, SKS, AWM

This configuration will help you to reduce your recoil and increase your accuracy.

Download Pubg 1.9 White Body Config File

This file will help you to recognize enemy easily and also help you to increase ability in pubg mobile. You can download this pubg 1.9 white body Config file and our pas pubg white body Config file download is the latest version for you to check and download pubg 1.9 white body hack configuration very easy to download free files.

pubg Download 1.9 white body configuration file Full Antiban 32 bit and 64 bit both bit versions supported as device.

This white body configuration file is also available for BGMI. Download the White body configuration for bgmi 1.9.

You can download and use any blowback files app for Bgmi-ban 1.9 only because we provide login anti-ban or pubg mobile India 1.9 without any ban on their mobile because they have no kickback, White Body Obb files. There is a 100% anti-ban and another 100% anti-ban.

BGMI 1.9 No Kickback Obb Configuration File 2022

It’s not legal to modify or change game files, but it’s a bad idea to do things that could compromise your game account because you put your ID on Risk. You could be banned permanently. You should use this No recoil Obb file at your own risk if you want to use it then. BGMI 1.9 Update version has been officially released on Play Store and App Store, so please download it first.

What is No recoil, No Grass Config File 1.9.0?

Pubgmobile 1.9.0 No kickback obb File Download Full Antiban 32 bit and 64 bit both bit versions supported as device. This file helps your pubg kill Enemy easily and also helps to increase the target.

You can download this pubg mobile no recoil obb cofig file and our pass pubg no recoil config file download is the latest version you can check and you can get pubg 1.9 and bmgi 1.9.0 . to download APK very easy for free

PUBG 1.8 White Body Config Hack Features

  1. white body
  2. No kickback
  3. less shaking
  4. less smoke
  5. Remove grass
  6. Remove fog
  7. Remove rain
  8. TDM + CLASSIC Working
  9. Remove anti-cheats (don’t use anything external)
  10. New Anti-Cheats Bypass
  11. TDM crash fixed

How can I download the Pubg 1.9 White Body Config file?

Here is the step by step guide on how to download White Body Config apk file for Pubg 1.9

Step 1

First, you need to download the White Body Config file for Pubg 1.9 from the download link below.

Step 2

Once you have downloaded the file, extract it. for Android 11 you need to use the zArchiver app to paste the file in place.

Step 3

Make sure the Pubg app is closed and not running in the background. than
white body place config file in the given folder below from
pubg 1.9.0

Step 4

Now paste the white body configuration file into the following folders as if they were downloaded. Go to File Manager, Then Go to
Android > Configuration -> com.tencent.ig Paste or replace the file here. (use the zArchiver app for Android 11)

After you complete the instruction, open your pubg mobile 1.9 game and you will see that the White body config file works with pubg 1.9.

Download Pubg White Body & No Recoil Config File 1.9.0

download the white body configuration file for pubg 1.9 from the link and follow the above instruction to install the white body configuration file in pubg mobile 1.9.0

download now

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