Safest drop locations for rank push

Krafton brings periodic updates to BGMI to introduce new seasons in-game. With the arrival of a new season, rank pushers begin their quest to reach the highest levels and earn rare rank rewards. Since Survival Points are important for ranking up, players should avoid an early exit from matches and move to safe areas.

While there are several such locations on the six maps in Classic Mode, we’ve listed some of the safest locations for players to choose.

Quarry in Erangel

Quarry is one of several areas on Erangle that have had an overhaul in the 2.0 version of the map. The new version of Quarry is located on the west side of the map and contains more loot and more buildings and cover. Since several BGMI players don’t fall into Quarry thinking the area still has less loot, rank pushers can enjoy invading the area and looting it safely.

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Campo Militar in Miramar

This area is in the northeast corner of the Miramar map. Most players in classic matches avoid the area because it is far from the flat path. However, if rank pushers manage to slide into Campo Militar, they can easily get the level 3 loot. Since loot is of primary importance for staying alive for a long time in the game, players can fall into this area and loot easily.

Movatra in Vikendic

This is another town with good loot, but doesn’t see many players falling into the area. It is located on the western edge of the Vikendi map. Rank pushers who prefer to play this card can fall into the area and easily make rotations to the safe zone.

Minas Generales in Miramar

Although this location is near the center of the map and contains plenty of loot, the area doesn’t see many visitors. It is due to uneven terrain and unfinished constructions that make the place overcrowded. Rank pushers in the game can safely fall here and collect loot to progress in the match.

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Updated: March 13, 2022 — 7:14 pm

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