Pubg Lite 0 Recoil, High Damage config file Hack 0.22.0 –

Pubg Lite 0 Recoil, High Damage Config File 0.22.0

Pubg Lite 0.22 zero recoil and high damage config file download from here. In this article, I am going to talk about the recoil configuration file of Pubg lite 0 and also share the pubg lite hackgun script for Pubg lite 0.22.0.

This script is one of the best scripts for Skin Hack in Pubg Lite. This script is antiban and can be downloaded for free via the link below. pubg lite
skin hack script 0.22.0 can supply all gun skins and car skins for free.

Why use Pubg lite 0 Recoil, High Damage 0.22.0

Pubg mobile lite 0.22.0 is here, built with unreal engine 4, This model from Pubg Mobile is compatible with even larger devices and optimized for devices with much less RAM and specs without compromising the gameplay experience that has attracted thousands and thousands of enthusiasts around the arena.

pubg lite possibilities a smaller map made for 40 playersmeaning a faster recreation that still maintains the traditional Pubg style of play!

Pubg lite zero recoils and the high damage config file was created for players who want less recoil so they can kill their enemies.

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Pubg lite Zero jumps 0.22.0 . back

You have probably seen someone knock you from 300 to 500 meters away, that too easy and you step into the thinking man, how can this happen.

Then friends use such people Pubg lite zero recoil config file, through which if you get hit let’s give you people too much damage 0 knockback or no knockback file which will give good experience in your game and works in both 0.22.0 and newer version like 0.23.0.

Pubg Lite Zero Recoil, High Damag Configuration File 0.22

I am Pubg Lite player and I have more than 10 KD because I use this config file and I can pay the people easily and I helped this file many times Ace and Conqueror when you download this file Playing your game makes you feel like a pro player and easy to get

Features of Pubg lite Skin Hack Script

  • WallHack
  • No kickback
  • Seating range 100%
  • Magic Bullet Bullet Tracking Antenna
  • All types
  • Remove trees
  • black sky
  • speedhack car
  • Car new scope
  • New elevator standard
  • elastic hands
  • Walk through walls
  • Watch 4x 6x 8x
  • Jump between houses without damage
  • sweep wall

Download the Pubg lite Skin Hack Script 0.22.0

To download the Skin hack script, click the download button. After downloading, follow the instructions. tto be VPN works

as a host for your Android device, and you don’t need to download an external host file.

  1. When you add your game and game guard to the double room, just run the game and start your game guard.
  2. Hack Script File only works when you enter the game, if you still read the instructions it will be the best for you.
  3. Before starting a match, do the bypass using the hack script so you don’t get banned.
  4. That’s it, now enjoy the
    Pubg Lite High Damage, Zero Kickback config file hack script without any ban.


Thank you for downloading the Pubg lite 0.22.0
No recoil, high damage, gun skin config file and a hack script file. If you have any problem with this file let me know in the comment.

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 12:14 am

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