PUBG Lite Open Beta And 4v4 Mode

PUBG Lite Open Beta released in phases on August 8. 2019. It contains many features. One of the key points is the 4v4 mode. Play your game and explore your way now!

PUBG Lite Open Beta Available!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Corporation announced that PUBG Lite (a free-to-play version of PUBG PC for low specification devices) was due to be added to the open beta phase on August 8. During the first eight months of the beta testing period, PUBG Lite has expanded to more than 80 countries. The start of the open beta marks the start of a new one PUBG Lite Season which will provide additional content. Not only that, the inaugural Lite Pass will bring back an opportunity, allowing players to overcome their challenges and receive many exciting rewards every time they level up the Pass. Are you ready to discover everything PUBG Lite new cards and dominate them in the shortest possible time? It will be an amazing journey since the game launched. You will have the chance to enjoy a fun gaming experience.

4 vs 4 match

It is also known as PUBG Lite 4v4 mode. It recently appeared in PUBG Lite after August 8† In the location you visit, the pace of battle is accelerated to its limits as squads of four fight each other for survival. The cool 4v4 mode is set in an abandoned warehouse surrounded by shipping containers and vehicles left behind in years. That condition will help the team gain an edge over the rest. Therefore, participants can fulfill their missions and become earlier in the first group with 30 kills.

Another season for PUBG Lite game

There is a season pass that does not exist in PUBG Lite before. It was rolled out on August 8 alongside the open beta. It celebrates the release of the Lite Pass system in PUBG Lite. “LITE Pass: Free” will be open to everyone. It consists of complete quests that yield items as you level up. For those who want more, the LITE PASS: Premium and LITE PASS: Premium Plus offer an option to unlock more difficulties and prizes. Eventually, the Collector’s Crate and Special Crate will be replenished, along with other exclusive items that will be sold separately through a new in-game currency, L-Coin.

PUBG LITEs aim is to convey the core PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds involvement in balancing lower hardware requirements. PUBG Lite is a standalone product of the original PUBG. It has its own dedicated development team.

PUBG Mobile Lite

If you are a fan of the latest PUBG Mobile Lite update, you know that you can play PUBG Mobile Lite India. It has indeed started in that South Asian country. To learn more about the game we mentioned, you can download PUBG Mobile lite from now on.

Updated: March 24, 2022 — 9:52 pm

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