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C1S3 M6 ROYAL PASS:- So guys, in this article we tell and show you all about the release date and rewards of months 6 Royal Pass. If you want to know, read the full article carefully.


Winters have descended on BGMI as their new M6 Royal Pass focuses heavily on the festive winter season. The M5 Royal Pass will expire on December 19, 2021. With the arrival of the M6 ​​Royal Pass fast approaching, fans are curious to see what the M6 ​​Royal Pass has in store. We’ve got an answer for you, as the latest leaks, updates, and news have given us a pretty good idea of ​​what’s in store. With a predominantly red theme, the BGMI M6 Royal Pass seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit. Here’s what to expect from BGMI’s upcoming Royal Pass (M6).


As we all know about the Bgmi M6 Royal Pass release date, once the old Royal Pass season ends, the new Royal Pass will come. So first I’ll tell you the end date of M5 (Month 5) ROYAL PASS is on December 19, 2021

According to the official month 5 ROYAL PASS End at December 19, 202105:29 (IST) After 2 hours of RP Lock, the new M6 Rp is available on December 19, 2021 Bee 07:29 (IST) And also the Rank Push can be started at the same time.

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So below are Bgmi C1S3 M6 (Month 6) RP All Rewards and Leaks from 01 to 50 Rp. these are M6 rewards and leaks from RP 01 to 50

BGMI C1S3 M6 New RP1 Rewards

M6 Royal Pass 1st rp Reward
M6 rp gun skin

You can de Clothing skin (Cheerful Yeti set) seen in the image above in the paid RP reward. The combination of red and white color can also be seen in both the outfit and also Win94 Gun Happy Yeti-Win94) skin too.

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M6 RP Reward at RP 5

Marry with yati mask

Here in M6 royal Pass RP 5 rewards is a Cheerful yet face Cover.

M6 RP Reward at RP 10

M6 rp helmet

Here on M6 Royal Pass reward Rp 10 is helmet skin name like Jolly festival helmet.

M6 RP Reward at RP 15

M6 Royal Pass Reward

On Rp 15 Get an exclusive emote and Avtar frame for paid Rp.

M6 RP Reward at RP 20

M6 rp reward

Here on M6 Royal Pass Reward at RP 20 you get an exclusive UAZ skin name as Cheerful Yeti UAZ

M6 RP Reward at RP 25

M6 Royal Pass Reward

Here on M6 Royal Pass Reward at RP 25 you get a free Outfit for without an elite pass also And outfit name like Vibrant Youth Set

Month 6 Royal Pass Reward at RP 30

M6 rp Rewards

Here in M6 Royal Pass Reward at RP 30 you get an exclusive Emote and hat for Max Outfit on paid Rp.

Month 6 Royal Pass Reward at RP 35

M6 free rp gun skin

And on M6 Royal Pass Reward at RP 35 You get a free Ump45 pistol Skin name as Reptile look.

Month 6 Royal Pass Reward at RP 40

M6 Royal Pass Reward

And on M6 Royal Pass Reward at RP 40 you get a free MK12 rifle Skin name as Silent Night-MK12 for paid RP

Month 6 Royal Pass Reward at RP 50

Month 6 Royal Pass Reward
Month 6 50th rp reward

And finally on M6 Reward on RP 50 is an outfit and the name of the headgear is like Frozen Guardian Set (Clothingand Frozen Guardian Cover (Headgear).

Some more leaks from M6 Royal Pass

Below are some more images and information about that: Month 6 Royal Pass leaks.

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