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PUBG Mobile has come up with a brand new event with the global update of PUBG Mobile 1.5. Players can pre-register for the event and will receive the permanent outfit ‘Galaxy Messenger Set’ once the rewards section is updated on July 6. For those who don’t know, the PUBG Mobile 1.5 update is currently in beta and players can pre-register to enjoy all the new benefits of the game.

pre-register for the PUBG Mobile 1.5: Ignition event

1: From the main menu, tap the Events section of the game and go to the Featured section

2: Find the PUBG Mobile 1.5: Ignition and tap the event banner/image to continue.

3: Once the event listing has loaded, click on ‘Pre-register now!’ to complete the process. Players can use a VPN if the page has a loading error

Note: This event is only available in the global version and has not yet launched in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition: Event Rules

What can one do to obtain the permanent set? The rules are quite simple. All you need to do is pre-register yourself during the event period. Players will receive the Galaxy Messenger Set permanently as soon as the new update is available.

  1. Event Period: 22-6-7/5 23:59. Please pre-register in-game during the event period

2. Reward Period: After update on July 6 at 00:00. visit the event page to get rewards.

3. Towing Limit: Each person can only get 1 reward.

4. Reward Details: This outfit is one of the most popular entries of the Global Outfit Design Contest 2022

5. outfit name: Permanent Galaxy Messenger Kit

New Version Content

Developers have set more rewards for specific pre-registration milestones. Rewards will be revealed in time, from now on they will not be revealed. However, the rewards will be unlocked once the pre-registration milestones are reached.

There are four new rewards to be revealed at 50 million, 100 million, 150 million and 200 million pre-registrations. You can also use the ‘Tell your friend’ option to let others pre-register for this event.

Updated: March 19, 2022 — 4:07 am

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