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Pubg Mobile regularly brings new modes, features, maps and items, keeping the game updated and fresh. Because of the consistent updates, players love this game so much. As we know, Pubg Mobile 1.5 Update has been released before three months, and after every three months, Pubg Mobile gets an update with new modes and enhanced functions. So the next update will be the Pubg Mobile 1.6 update which is the beta version released by the developers describing modes and features. So, in this post, we will know detailed information about the Pubg Mobile 1.6 update.

Pubg Mobile 1.6 Update

Pubg Mobile 1.6 Update, Features and Expected Release Date

This 1.6 update will be a treat for the players as Pubg Mobile previously announced a community event asking the players about their favorite modes brought in the previous updates, suggesting that one of the previous modes could be making a comeback make in the game. Players are holding high hopes for the 1.6 update as the recent message shared by officials hints at the new Spaceship mode.

PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update Release Date

As there is no confirmed date available, the expected release date of Pubg Mobile 1.6 is September 12, 2021.

Pubg Mobile 1.5 Update was released in July and is still running, bringing Mission Ignition with hi-tech city and vehicle transports. Tesla has also collaborated with their electric cars this season. According to PUBG MOBILE, “Update 1.6 will be rolled out soon.”

Pubg Mobile 1.6 Expected New Features

Below is the expected update and features may come in PUBG MOBILE 1.6 global update.

Spaceship Mode

Spaceship Mode

The Spaceship Mode, also known as Flora Menace, is the sequel to Mission Ignition Mode. Since they are slightly revamped locations that were present in Mission Ignition mode, they will be visible in Flora Menace, but customizations such as rejuvenation barriers, mysterious plants and zombies will be a part of Flora Menace or Cell Matrix. As we’ve seen, Mission Ignition mode is only available to play in Erangel, although spaceship mode can be played on all maps except Vikendi.

Vikendi 2.0

Vikendi 2.0 Map

Vikendi 2.0

Earlier, Pubg Mobile stopped Vikendi card, but good news for Vikendi enthusiast. The Vikendi snow map is coming in the upcoming update of PUBG Mobile 1.6. This card can replace the Karakin card. The new update brings a modified version of Vikendi that will make several changes to Dino Park, one of Vikendi’s popular hot drops, players will also be able to see train lines across the map.

New Evo Ground modes

5 Evo Grounds Map
Image Credits: Rated YT

Another mode that will be making a comeback is the Payload which will be known as Payload 2.0. New features such as armored helicopters will be part of the new Payload. The Evo Ground mode also includes several other modes such as Runic Power and Titans Last Stand. Since these modes will be part of Evo Ground, players will not be able to increase their rank in these modes.

RPM3 release date and leaks

RPM2 or Royal Pass Month 2, known as Project T, will end on September 16, 2021. If the developers decide to make more changes to RPM3, there is a good chance that players will see the release of RPM3 on September 18, 2021.

RPM3 will be based entirely on food themed outfits, emotes, parachutes skins and more!

Here is a list of some of the rewards featured in RPM3 –

  • Farm Fresh Set
  • Veggie Cardboard Backpack
  • Supermarket Sale Parachute
  • Deadly Cabbage Grenade
  • Fried Emote
  • Deep Fried Set (Rank 50 Outfit)

These updates are expected in the Pubg Mobile 1.6 Update. We hope this post gives you information about upcoming feature updates.

Updated: March 13, 2022 — 5:37 pm

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