PUBG Mobile Account Banned? Here is the possible reasons why this happens

PUBG Mobile is a famous battle royale game and millions of users from all over the world love this game for its high quality graphics and features. But there are millions of users who play the game by using hacks to win the game and PUBG Mobile always keeps a very strict watch on the behavior of players in the game. If any of the players in the game use cheats, the PUBG anti-cheating system will detect the cheat and be penalized by the system. If your PUBG Mobile account has been banned and you want to know the possible reasons why this happened, read the points below.

  • If a player uses cheat tools in the game, the PUBG mobile can be banned for 10 years or permanently.
  • If a player uses a third-party application to login to the account, your PUBG Mobile account may be banned as it leads to alteration of the customer’s details.
  • Do not use unauthorized payment methods to purchase Unknown Cash (UC).
  • Do not use any unofficial game client to play the PUBG game.
  • Do not attempt to change the grass models in the game as this may result in account suspension.
  • Do not try to team up with players from the other team.
  • Do not share your PUBG account information with other players.

It is also recommended to download PUBG Mobile from Google Play Store, App Store or other official sources available to download the game.

Updated: April 6, 2022 — 11:41 am

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