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PUBG Mobile released a new anti-cheating report on August 29, 2021, and according to this new report, 1,418,893 accounts have been banned for cheating. PUBG Mobile has permanently banned all these accounts and now users of these accounts will never be able to access them again. PUBG mobile is a very awesome battle royale game that millions of players worldwide are associated with and the HD graphics and features available in the game make it even more interesting. There are many such features in PUBG Mobile that players have to buy with UC and many players are unable to buy them. Many players use third-party applications to get the features, but using third-party applications is against PUBG Mobile’s policy and if the official team of PUBG Mobile believes that such activity is happening from an account, they will take action against those accounts and ban them permanently.

PUBG MOBILE BANPAN A report is published every week that bans millions of accounts for using cheats or engaging in activities that violate the game’s policies. PUBG Mobile published reports on its social media accounts between August 20 and August 26, 2021 and 1,418,893 accounts were banned for three main reasons:

a) Change of character model

b) Other hacks

c) Speed ​​and Auto Aim Hacks

PUBG Mobile Ban Pan Report from August 20 to 26, 2021:

List of blocked accounts

  • 16%Crown accounts banned
  • 9% Silver Accounts Banned
  • 17% Diamond accounts banned
  • 1% Conqueror Accounts Banned
  • 8% Gold Accounts Banned
  • 12% Platinum accounts banned
  • 28% Bronze accounts banned
  • 9% Ace accounts banned

List of banned cheats

  • 12% Accounts Banned Due to Auto-Aim Hacks
  • 11% Accounts Banned Due to X-Ray Vision
  • 37% Accounts banned due to character model change.
  • 11% of accounts banned due to area damage change
  • 12% of accounts have been banned due to Speed ​​Hacks.
  • Banned 17% of accounts where the reason is not given

Updated: April 3, 2022 — 6:53 pm

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