2,567,950 Accounts banned permanently this week, reason here

The famous battle royale game “PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds” recently published its anti-cheating report on June 20, 2021 on their official Instagram channel, according to the report published 2,567,950 accounts permanently banned. These accounts are now permanently locked and will no longer be able to access the game as of today.

The official team of PUBG Mobile is continuously working hard to keep in-game hackers who create an unfair gaming environment. PUBG Mobile came up with the in-game reporting system in which a player can report if he has found any cheats in the game. Then this report will be forwarded to PUBG Mobile anti-cheating team and after reviewing the report, PUBG Mobile official team will share the result after 15 days after proper investigation. PUBG Mobile stated that “from June 11 to June 17, we permanently banned 2,567,950 accounts from accessing our game”. This latest report was published from June 11 to June 17, 2021.

Here are most of the reasons the PUBG Mobile team banned millions of accounts this week:

  • Change of character model
  • Auto-Aim Hacks
  • Speedhacks/X-ray vision

These are the types of accounts banned from June 11 to June 17, 2021

  • Ace Accounts Banned 15%
  • Crown Accounts – 28% Banned
  • Diamond Accounts Banned-23%
  • Platinum Accounts – Banned 11%
  • Gold Bills – 5% Banned
  • Silver Bills-5% Banned
  • Bronze accounts banned-12%
  • Conqueror Accounts-1% Banned

PUBG Mobile Banned Cheats in Latest BAN PAN Report :-

  • 12% by Auto-Aim Hacks
  • 8% by X-ray vision
  • 67% due to character model change
  • 8% due to speed hacks
  • 2% due to area damage change
  • 3% if reason not specified.

Updated: April 10, 2022 — 7:04 pm

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