PUBG Mobile Best Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity settings play a very important role in PUBG Mobile and without it you cannot play the game professionally. The sensitivity setting works for your movement, direction and accuracy and you can play the game very well professionally by perfecting your settings. So today in this article we will tell you about the sensitivity settings of PUBG Mobile so that you can become a professional player by using them in the game.

Types of Sensitivity in PUBG Mobile:

Probably every player who plays PUBG Mobile game knows that there are 4 kinds of sensitivity in the game:-

  • ADS sensitivity
  • Third person sensitivity
  • Free Look camera sensitivity
  • Gyroscope sensitivity

Let’s discuss the PUBG mobile sensitivity settings given above one by one:

a) ADS sensitivity

ADS sensitivity works for you when firing from the gun. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should always keep your ADS sensitivity lower than the third person sensitivity. So below is the best ADS sensitivity settings for you, use and enjoy the game

Camera type Sensitivity
3rd person no reach 150%
1st person no reach 120%
Red dot, holographic 60%
2x range


3x range 22%
4x range 16%
6x range 13%
8x range 7%

b) Third person sensitivity

The third person sensitivity is used when you are not firing anything in the game. Use the TPS sensitivity given below and you will be able to play the game in a professional manner.

Camera type Sensitivity
3rd person no reach 120% to 150% for Gyro players
1st person no reach 145% and 120% for Gyro players
Red dot, holographic Aiming aid 50-60%
2x range

40% & 24% for Gyro players

3x range 22% & 14% for Gyro players
4x Scope & VSS 15% &% 12 for Gyro players
6x range 12% & 9% for Gyro players
8x range 7-8% & 9% for Gyro players

c) Free Look Camera Sensitivity

Free Look’s camera sensitivity plays a very important role and I use this setting when you’re checking the entire room at 360 degrees without any movement, so you can easily spot your enemy. You should keep the Free Look camera sensitivity settings at 110.

d) Gyroscope sensitivity

The sensitivity of the gyroscope has played a big part in making you a professional player and with this setting you can control the recoil of the gun very easily by moving your phone down. Use the below sensitivity settings of the gyroscope in your game and beat your enemies with ease.

Camera type Sensitivity
3rd person no reach 300 -350%
1st person no reach 300%
Red dot, holographic 330%
2x range


3x range 33%
4x range 43%
6x range 35%
8x range 26%

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Updated: April 2, 2022 — 8:04 pm

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