Differences between AKM and M762 Rifles

PUBG Mobile always offers skins, weapons and other exciting features in the game. The players of the game also experience high quality graphics. The gamers get the gunfights up close. This article is about the close range weapon between the AKM and Beryl M762 in the PUBG Mobile.

Major differences between AKM and M762 weapon:

1) Fire range

In PUBG Mobile, the rate of fire of AKM rifles is 600 rounds per minute, but M762 has a better firing range than the AKM rifles at 698 rounds per minute.

2) Damage per hit

The AKM rifles with a damage per hit of 49 per shot in PUBG Mobile and M672 rifles with slightly less base damage of 47 damage per hit.

3) Reload time

In the AKM rifles, the reload time is 2.9 seconds and for the M762 rifles, the reload time is the same as compared to the AKM rifles.

4) Attachments and Kickback

In this position, M762 rifles are better than AKM rifles. The players of the game can only use the muzzle and magazine in the AKM rifle, but in M762 rifles with better grip and recoil control.

Updated: April 7, 2022 — 6:43 pm

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