PUBG Mobile Esports 2022 plan revealed by James Yang

PUBG Mobile has revealed the game’s Esports plan through 2022. During the first day of the Global Championship (PMGC) 2021 Finals, Tencent’s Director of Esports, James Yang, announced the new roadmap called PUBG Mobile Esports 2.0. PUBG Mobile Esports 2022 Plan Revealed By James Yang

PUBG Mobile Esports 2022 Plan Revealed By James Yang

The new roadmap made some adjustments to the previous system, with regional and national championships focusing more on amateur and grassroots characteristics.

Other PUBG Mobile IPs, such as the PMCC (Campus Championships) and PMNC (Regional and National Championships), will serve as stepping stones for the PMPLs (Pro Leagues). Additionally, major third-party events will act as PMNC qualifying grounds.

As a result of the change, PMCO will no longer grant a PMPL qualification; instead, teams competing in PMCOs will first have to compete in PMNCs and other regional leagues. The PMNCs will then act as a stepping stone to the PMPLs in 2023.

New PMCOs have been implemented on a much larger, regional basis. Here are the PMCOs that will take place in 2022:

1) PMCO: South America

2) PMCO: Europe

3) PMCO: Asia

4) PMCO: Middle East

5) PMCO: Africa

Tencent plans to launch the PMNCs in 11 countries and regional cups in eight locations around the world from 2022. The esports pyramid for the year 2022 is shown below.

Changes to Pro Circuit

PMPLs now operating under the EMEA, MENA and SA brands will be renamed PMPL Europe, South Asia and the Middle East and Africa.

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Most of the pro circuit will continue to operate as it is, but pro leagues (PMPLs) have been established in Pakistan and Africa. Apart from that, the spring season runs from January to June while the fall season runs from July to November. The Mid Season Championship (MSC) and the PMGC 2022 will be held between the splits and at the end.

This year’s SEA Games and Asian Games, which take place between May and September, will use PUBG Mobile as a medal sport. Players get the chance to represent their country at the highest level.

Franchise League for the Southeast Asia Region

James Yang also announced the launch of the Southeast Asian Franchise Leagues, which will launch in the second half of this year. PUBGM now has franchise leagues in China and Japan.

Overall, the future looks bright and will contribute to the global strength of the Esports ecosystem.

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Updated: March 14, 2022 — 8:52 pm

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