PUBG Mobile Is Finally Released

PUBG Mobile is finally available for download. The iOS and Android users can try it out and then install it on their mobile devices for free to join a fierce battle.

PUBG mobile was released on February 9e by Tencent, and it has officially opened to welcome players from around the world. You can easily join the fierce survival battle on your own mobile device instead of PC or other platforms.

The gaming performance of PUBG games is quite stable and smooth with no lag issues. Moreover, it is not difficult for the players to find the battles, they can jump into the battle quickly.

PUBG Mobile for iOS and Android users

No matter what kind of device you use, iPhone or Android phone, you can also play the game on your device. The in-game account is open worldwide, so all gamers can fully participate in the registration. However, for iOS users, you’ll need a Chinese App Store account.

PUBG Mobile for users

For the Android users, you must also have: QQ account or WeChat Account† According to an investigation, the WeChat account does not restrict the Chinese phone number. You can fully download Wechat app from Google Play

About PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile is nothing but PUBG Windows PC. You also choose your favorite game mode, including solo or 4-member squad, then go into battle to begin your survival adventure.

About PUBG Mobile

From the characters to the gameplay mechanics, the players can feel the in-game content of this PUBG mobile is so well known. The only difference in this mobile version is the controls which are totally different from the PC version.

When the battle begins, all players are dropped from an airplane onto a huge map using their parachute that almost resembles PUBG PC† Now you must fight for your survival! All players compete against each other for a chance to become the last man. They start wandering around locations looking for weapons and supplies and then arm yourself with those collected things to kill the rivals.

The most striking point of PUBG game is its beautiful graphics. This can be considered one of the most famous Battle Royale Games with excellent graphics. The players can feel the beautiful graphics through the images of grass, houses or fire effects.

Driving mechanic is also known by the players, especially the hardcore fans of PUBG game† In this mobile version, all gamers also get a chance to use many types of vehicles and drive over many terrains. This will be a great gaming experience for all players.

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Updated: March 19, 2022 — 11:36 pm

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