PMGC 2021: PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 1

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 1 (PMGC 2021 S1) will be played from November 30, 2021 between 40 teams divided into two divisions: East and West. This is the largest PUBG Mobile tournament with a prize pool of USD 6 million. The tournament is played in three phases: League Stages (East and West), League Finals and Grand Finals.


PMGC is the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament that takes place in November every year and ends in January of the following year. It started from 2022 when the season zero of this event was played by 24 teams from around the world. This year, the slot has been further expanded to 40 teams. In addition, the participating teams are further divided into two major divisions: East and West.

Tournament Format:

Each division plays the league phase and league finals individually without meeting each other in competitive matches. Finally, the top 9 teams from PMGC 2021 East, the top 6 teams from PMGC 2021 West and one specially invited teams will compete in the Grand Finals.

The League Stage is played according to the League Days and Super Weekends format.

PMGC 2021 S1: Points Distribution Table System

The standard PUBG Mobile Points Distribution System will be applied during the competition phases and finals of PMGC 2021 Season Zero. Teams are awarded one point for each kill and the placement points are distributed as follows:

Position Points
1 15 points
2 12 points
3 10 points
4 8 points
5 6 points
6 4 points
7 2 points
8 – 12 1 point
13 – 16 0 point
Table: PUBG Mobile Global Championship Points Distribution System

PMGC 2021: participating teams

PMGC 2021 Season 1 East PMGC 2021 Season 1 West
PMPL Southeast Asia Championship S4 Final
FaZe clan
Bigetron RA
4 rivals
MS Chonburic
PMPL Mena & South Asia Championship Final S1
Rico Infinity Team
StalWart Esports
Cryptic Data
Deadeyes guys
PMGC Points – Indonesia
Gensis Dogma GUIDE
PMGC Points – Thailand
the infinity
PMGC Points – Malaysia
Team secret
PMGC points – Vietnam
PMGC points – Arabia
Nigma Galaxy
PMGC points – South Asia
DRS gaming
Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2021
Tong Jia Bao Esports
PEL 2021 Championship Points
To be determined
To be determined
Rivals Cup: Korea vs Japan
PUBG Mobile Pro Series S2
PUBG Mobile Japan League
reject scarlet
PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 1 Teams: East and West

Tournament is managed and organized by PUBG Mobile Esports.

PMGC 2022: Overview

PMGC 2021 is not the first season of this global championship event to take place every year. It happened last year too. The tournament was named – PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero due to the inability of the organizers to keep the event offline among the masses. This was due to the widespread coronavirus pandemic.

Results: NOVA Esports, from China, had won the PMGC 2022 Season Zero Grand Finals last year and Team Four Angry Men were the winners of the group stage.

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 6:51 am

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