PUBG Mobile Hack on Android Download Tutorial

Moreover, those who are looking for the best ways and methods to hack PUBG mobile games using Game Guardian or any other tool should follow our guides. You can easily customize the battle points, coins and many other objects with these tools.

Well, a real gamer doesn’t need any hacking tools to play the game. Now if you are one of those real gamers then I think you don’t need any game hacking tools or modified apps to play PUBG Mobile game. However, if you still want to hack PUBG Mobile with Game Guardian, you should follow our guidelines carefully. You can also try this XModGames way, Download XModGames for iOS (iPhone/iPad) without jailbreak.

Is it possible to cheat in PUBG Mobile?

Yes! You can cheat in PUBG Mobile using mods, such as Aimbots, improved aiming aids, wallhacks to see enemies through walls, macros and many other cheat apps or custom game apps.

Apart from this, there are still no hacks or online tweaking tools available for improving Battle Points, Crates, Items, God Mode and many more. Moreover, PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer action game that stores your game and rank on its game servers belonging to Tencent Games and cannot be modified in any way. If any of us are facing crash error in PUBG Mobile Game, yours, please check this best guide to fix your error and play smoothly.

Using Game Hacking Tool : {PUBG Mobile Hack on Android}

Using simple cheating tools for games on PUBG Mobile is usually not recommended, and it can even damage your device. Apps like Game Guardian, Lucky Patcher, Freedom APK and many other popular game hacking apps can get you banned from the game.

Now the only safe method to manipulate the game memory is to use the stealth app installed by Game Guardian on Android devices, which is the least likely to be detected.

Because PUBG is an online mobile game and no tools or apps are used to hack the game. Battle points, items, skins, chests and many other objects cannot be hacked using any third party client tool. There are no cheats to get snipers like AWM, spawn AK or M4 assault rifles as well as any other weapon.

Now cheating in this mobile shooting game has to be done with professionally made mods and most of all you need a paid tool to do it

PUBG Mobile Hack Android with Root Using Game Guardian App

Here is the process of hacking Pubg Mobile game with: Game Guardian Apk file.

Note: Before proceeding, you will need a rooted Android device. If you don’t have root access on your device, you can just use any root app.

Step 1: First, download the Game Guardian APK and install the .apk file on your device. Now, those looking for ways to install Game Guardian can follow suit just like you usually install a third-party app by enabling unknown sources in your device’s general settings.

Step 2: Once the download and installation process is complete, open and minimize the Game Guardian app and then run the PUBG mobile game.

Step 3: After the game has fully loaded, tap the Game Guardian icon and tap the “menu option” and then click on the “Run script

Step 4: Locate the folder where you saved the PUBG Mobile.lua script, then tap “Run.”

Step 5: After that, the game will reload and you need to tap on the Game Guardian icon and select the option ‘New Bypass’.

Step 6: Script is reloaded in the game and you can also select the different hacks. Suppose if you need to run Wallhack then you have to choose the Wallhack menu and below that you can select different options.

FAQ: PUBG Mobile Game Android Hack

Q1. Is it legal to hack PUBG Android games?

A1. New! Hacking PUBG Mobile Game is not legal. Even you have been banned from the PUBG Mobile Game servers.

Q2. Is the Game Guardian tool free and safe to use?

A2. Yes! The Game Guardian app is completely free to use. Moreover, this game hacking app is safe to use and works well with any Android version.

Q3. Can we customize Battle Points, Coins, Skins or other objects?

A3. You can do this, but as soon as you close the game, all the things you modified will revert back to their default state.

Q4. Can we jump with any of the game hacking tools or skip the competitions?

A4. New! You cannot skip or skip leagues with game hacking tools.

V5. Can I create my clan by hacking the PUBG mobile game using the Game Guardian app?

A5. No, you cannot create clans by hacking the PUBG mobile game. Even if you create one, it will also be destroyed because you can’t manipulate the Tencent Game Servers.
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Updated: March 12, 2022 — 7:52 pm

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