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Pubg Mobile India is a topic covered by the biggest news publishers in India. And often it is even possible even if they are big news publishers because these people publish articles with misleading titles and thumbnails for traffic and google keep serving this news very happy but it never happened that Pubg Mobile India No news came about him downright . Pubg lovers time and emotion is definitely wasted so who cares.

Pubg Mobile India: Rumors or Reality

Since PUBG Mobile was banned in India, PUBG lovers have suffered a lot. He helped monetize many YouTube channels and earned millions of rupees. They watch every news, every video, simply because what is known will be positive news. So I would like to say to all those brothers who look at the information released by Pubg and pay no attention to these false reports.

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Apart from this there is another confirmed news which is a bit sad but somewhere positive in this sadness seems to be my own thoughts too. And the news is that the Korean version of Pubg Mobile will also no longer be accessible in India, but will not be able to use the Korean version of Pubg Mobile, not only for India, but for anyone who is not from Japan or Korea. Instagram was also posted on behalf of Pubg Mobile Kr.

Apart from this, friends, let me tell you that some YouTubers have removed leaks from themselves saying that Pubg Mobile India has received a green signal from the government, which neither PUBG has confirmed nor any information from the government. Has come. Apart from this I have also checked all the real eSports platforms but no such information has come in yet.

Although TSM’s Ghatak coach said you don’t believe in fake news until Krafton didn’t announce it. He also said that there will be good news, but the time has not been confirmed.

Though Pubg is quitting Pubg Kr so looks like he has something prepared to replace Pubg Kr.

So friends, bookmark this post until then as soon as real information comes out then you will know. Also visit our website for real information.

Updated: March 17, 2022 — 3:42 am

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