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PUBG Mobile Karakin Map also updated and offers new and innovative features. New weapons, cars, game modes and maps are included with these features.

On March 22, 2021, developers announced that they will be introducing a new map called Karakin.

Last month, several players saw the inclusion of the Karakin map 1.3 beta, and they waited tirelessly for their arrival.

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Download PUBG Mobile Karakin Map

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The highly anticipated arena was previously available in the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta series. In the beta, this arena featured many dynamic aspects, including a Demolition Zone, a Sticky Bomb, Thin Wall Bullet Penetration, and a new weapon called ‘Panzerfaust’.

The official patch notes of the 1.3 beta stated the following about Karakin:
  • Karakin extends over 2 square kilometers and is dry, open and filled with rocks. On Karakin, every moment will challenge you.
  • It is a small and exciting map with up to 64 players in each match.
  • Gamers will experience long-range gun battles in the mountains, city battles that require strategy, and thrilling battles under the new mechanism, Demolition Zone, which is designed to deal random damage to buildings so players come out to fight.

Fans are announcing the 2×2 Battle Royale over the moon map and are extremely excited to test it. The map will be added to the popular title shortly in a few weeks.

Updated: March 31, 2022 — 6:28 am

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