PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 update APK file download directly from here

PUBG Mobile Lite developers are always releasing new updates of the game to entertain the players and in each new update new modes, maps and many new features are launched for the players. PUBG Mobile Lite can be easily played on devices up to 2 GB RAM. The developers of the game recently released the new update 0.22. 1 which can be downloaded directly from the apk file and if players are unable to download new update through the apk file, they can download it directly from google play store.

To download the update directly from the Google Play Store, players just need to update the PUBG Mobile Lite application and open the 0.22 game application upon completion. You can enjoy all the features released in 1 update. The APK file size of the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 update is 714 MB and once installed, players will need to download a 199 MB in-game patch. If you have not yet installed the new update, you can install it by following one of the two steps below and enjoy all the features released in the new update.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 APK Fileclick here

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 Update from Play Storeclick here

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Updated: March 31, 2022 — 6:26 am

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