PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0

PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0 is a version based on the PUBG Mobile game. It’s very easy to play your favorite battle royale match on devices with less resources!

PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0

PUBG Mobile Lite is considered a version of Tencent’s game for Android mobile devices without too many resources. Actually, PUBG Mobile Lite is inspired by PUBG Mobile. So everyone can have fun with their Battle Royale title from now on!

While Fortnite is constantly leading that world, the craze for battle royale games that started with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for PC and the development of PUBG mobile, PUBG is still proving it’s a formidable competitor. Not only that, the release of PUBG Mobile Lite makes the market more interesting. Indeed, PUBG mobile Lite can become compatible with more tools. It is also optimized for mobile devices. However, the size and graphics of that game where everyone has to survive at all costs within a smaller playing field set on a deserted island. Meanwhile, they will have to fight each other with very few resources, making it unfeasible for many people with low-end phones to feel the Battle Royale excitement.

“All the PUBG intensity packed into a small and lightweight app”

But folks at Tencent have solved part of that problem by developing a lighter version called PUBG Mobile Lite† According to the new product, you can join their franchise game and while they’re at it, they can explore their opponents at Epic Games.

Some differences between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite

  • The installation size is reduced to approximately 30 MB.
  • Activities on mobile devices with only 1 GB RAM
  • The size of the map in the PUBG Mobile Lite game is reduced so as not to put too much on the phone.
  • Suitable with more gadgets as it runs on Android 4.0.3 and above.
  • The number of antagonists in PUBG Mobile Lite has been reduced from 99 to 39.
  • Degraded graphics quality, released from the HD, HDR and UltraHD options
  • Don’t have many weapon options in PUBG Mobile Lite like before because the third slot gets thrown out
  • Apart from the mentioned items, you can discover battle royale games with a cheap phone.

To use PUBG Mobile Lite, you need to follow the tutorial below.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum OS requirements: Android 4.0.3.

Updated: March 24, 2022 — 5:19 am

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